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Here is where you can find help, advice and support whilst children are not in school. 

Active Fusion - Parent packs below for ‘PE From Home’ activities. 

Well Being Easter pack
Children's Guide to Coronavirus
Advice for parents and carers
What to do if your child is unwell
School Expectations

Free books on Kindle




Please continue to follow up to date activities via our school Twitter account. 



Feel free to share your child's work via their individual class Twitter pages. 


Nursery https://twitter.com/BrpsNursery

Class 1 https://twitter.com/Class189784360

Class 2 https://twitter.com/Class230137509

Class 3 https://twitter.com/Class326102213

Class 4 https://twitter.com/class4brps

Class 5 https://twitter.com/Class5brps

Class 6 https://twitter.com/Class673506855

Class 7 https://twitter.com/Class712200312

Class 8 https://twitter.com/8Brps

Class 9 https://twitter.com/Class915

Class 10 https://twitter.com/10Brps

Class 11  https://twitter.com/Class1117

Class 12 https://twitter.com/Class129

Covid-19 Time Capsule Activity Booklet
Useful website links
Keeping Active

Keeping active is very important whilst you are not at school. Have a go at Joe Wicks' daily PE lesson at 9am every weekday morning. 




Also these stories are fun ways of trying out yoga.