Curriculum 2018-19

At Burton Road Primary School we achieve high standards and do this in the right way. This means that we offer an engaging learning experience where pupils are motivated towards learning and offered rich and varied opportunities to use and apply skills in a meaningful context. Alongside this we provide a dynamic curriculum which both supports and enriches the delivery of academic subjects. We believe that every child is unique and all have differing skills and talents. We strive not only for excellence in Maths and English but also in sports, drama, music, humanities and the arts. As such, we offer numerous opportunities for children to get involved and have a go in a wide range of activities. We also see to develop our links with the community and outside professionals in order to provide this enrichment. This includes things such as enterprise initiatives, Junior Wardens (Community Projects), MFL, peripatetic musicians and working with professional sportsmen.


Regarding the academic, we deliver the 'Read, Write, Inc' phonics for all pupils in Year 1 and children who have not met the appropriate standard in Year 2. Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling drives forward the high standards school achieves in Reading and Writing in Key Stage 2. The new National Curriculum for maths is delivered from Year 1 to Year 6 and all teachers are recently trained in the new standards and how to develop Maths and Mastery. Unit plans link to the Maths Hub and are delivered for each specific year group and pupils are carefully monitored and tracked for where they may require extra support or additional challenge to extend their understanding to a deeper level.


For several years, this school has adopted the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) to promote our vision and values, for our children from Barnsley and for pupils to become outward looking and forward thinking 21st Century learners. We have also adapted our curriculum to ensure that our children are increasingly culturally and socially aware so that they can become responsible citizens for 21st Century Britain.  This has included promoting democracy and democratic values linked to the General Election. This has also included many research topics, debates and assemblies promoting pioneers of civil rights, such as: Mohammed Ali, William Wilberforce and Martin Luther King. There is also a good breath of topics covered of different religions and cultures.


We have also designed and adapted curriculum topics to reflect the interests and topics of the children in school. Burton Road has a thematic approach to the curriculum to ensure learning is relevant and in context. We like to have a ‘hands on’ approach to our learning and therefore we encourage trips and visits to enhance pupils’ learning of topics. Residential trips within UKS2 provide opportunities for pupils to learn in outdoor and adventurous contexts, as well as develop team work. Modern Foreign Languages is an integral part of our KS2 curriculum and we deliver two years of both Spanish (Y3/4) and French (Y5/6). The school has also now completed five successful residential visits to Chateau Beaumont, in Normandy, where children have been given real life opportunities to use their French conversational skills and experience, first hand, the cultural differences.


Our EYFS curriculum is designed to meet the holistic development of children where they learn from a wide range of well-planned opportunities. Alongside this, the EYFS is also designed so that effective focused teaching facilitates rapid progress in key areas to enable children to reach their Early Learning Goals. These lay the foundations for further success whilst in the school.


Detailed below are links to more specific information for how the curriculum is delivered in each phase.