What will ICT and Computing look like in three years

at Burton Road Primary School?

ICT in Burton Road has changed over previous years with the introduction of a new ICT suite and iPads for children to access. The use of iPads needs to be a higher priority as they are an expensive resource. We have previously taught the coding element of computing by using Espresso coding but this is only part of the computing curriculum and the other aspects need to be a focus. Staff need to have more understanding about how computer networks work, designing programs and analysing problems. Our new school scheme of work should offer children an exciting opportunity to develop their computing and digital literacy skills. 

As in the new curriculum, children still need to focus on word processing skills and the use of the mouse, as more and more are exposed to touch screen devices.

Our school takes part in the National Safer Internet Day in February where children have completed activities in class and in the past parents have been invited into school to discuss internet safety. However, recently attendance and interaction with events has not been adequate so this is a priority for parents to be kept up to date with new changes in social media and how they can keep their children safe online.

Every class has a time slot for the ICT suite although this is not always adhered to due to time constraints and the number of computers. Ideally, I would like children to have access to a laptop on the library tables as their peers use the desktop computers so that a full class can complete tasks at the same time.  I would like staff to be able to keep a record of how well children can meet the targets in computing by giving them an independent task to complete.

Children need to be ‘digital literate’ to prepare them for their future in further education and the workplace.