Design and Technology at Burton Road Primary School.

Design and Technology at Burton Road Primary School has during the last two years been significantly enhanced by the partnership with Hepp DT.  This has enabled children in school across EYFS, KS1 and KS2 to access specialist teaching in designing, making and evaluating products alongside the delivery of DT lessons in school.  


The recent pandemic brought challenges to the coverage of the DT curriculum, but we are proud that during this time, Design and Technology opportunities were not missed.  We were able to, with the support of Hepp DT, to provide children both in school during this time and at home, with resources delivered to them, to enable children to make and evaluate carefully planned products.  Important skills in DT could still be taught during this time.


Children entering the Early Years Foundation Stage at Burton Road Primary School, are presented with a Design and Technology enriched curriculum which promotes opportunities within the environment to be creative and imaginative with the products they design and create.  The planned provision within the environment presents children with the opportunities to independently build upon their knowledge to design, make and problem solve.  Children at this stage are good at being creative and need development in the fine motor skills to support the making of products.  Our Progression in Skills document ensures these key skills are taught from EYFS and progress through to KS2.


As children continue into KS1, opportunities to build upon knowledge acquired in the EYFS are presented through focused activities linked to curriculum planning.  Children develop their understanding of the design process and learn how to select appropriate materials.  We recognise that some children may still have gaps in their knowledge of problem solving and completing cutting tasks, hindering the implementation stage of the process and so the carefully planned projects at this stage intend to continue to develop these skills.


In KS2, children have opportunities to continue to acquire key skills and build upon their abilities to design, make and evaluate their products.  Opportunities to cook and understand the importance of nutrition are included in the Long Term planning cycles to ensure children develop a love for cooking and healthy eating.