Our vision


During my time at Burton Road we have incorporated a two year cycle approach to our teaching of the curriculum. This has been implemented across all phases in school to ensure that all the statutory aspects of the Geography curriculum are covered. This year however will see change to this structure as class sizes have changed.


This year, I strive to ensure that the themes chosen provide the opportunity for effective Geography teaching and learning to take place. I will ensure that the learning which children are exposed to is progressive, meaningful and purposeful in helping them generate a clear understanding of the world in which they live.


A few years ago, I had a closer look at what was going on in our school, in terms of Geography learning, by carrying out a book scrutiny. From this, I was able to develop an understanding as to how much Geography was being taught and how the statutory expectations were being achieved. From the scrutiny I was able to give verbal feedback to teachers on areas for improvement and stressed to all staff the importance of teaching the relevant skills and knowledge in order to develop our children’s knowledge and understanding in Geography. In the near future, I would like to carry out another scrutiny to allow me to see whether progress is being maintained across the school and to assess the impact this has had on the children.


My aim is to support all staff with their planning of Geography and to ensure that all staff are aware of the expectations for their year group. I would also like to ensure that each phase has access to the relevant resources that they need to carry out quality lessons and plan to do a resources audit to make sure of this.


Overall I would love to see both teachers and children alike develop a genuine interest in Geography. I would like children to be knowledgeable about where they come from in relation to other towns, cities, counties, countries and continents.