Class 10

Welcome to Class 10 - Mrs N Conway

Welcome to Class 10 where enjoyment and fun are at the heart of our learning journey together! With all the exciting topics we are covering, we aim to make this year challenging and stimulating!


This term has seen us get to grip with some diverse characters, from the incredible Olympian Steve Redgrave, to the tragic lovers Romeo and Juliet and finally the mysterious vampires from the Twilight series! Log in for a weekly class blog, where we will share our super work, and find some exciting extra learning opportunities through the 'Brain Box Challenge'.


Get ready - serious learning is awaiting you! frown 

The Weekly Class 10 blog by...Emily And Holly


On Monday, the Choir performed their Carol Concert to some nice people at a local old peoples' home and we were returned back to school with a chocolate Santa! On that same day, some people went to Louder Than Life to pitch their design idea in front of a panel of tough judges. They missed out on coming first by only one point! 


Last week, we went to St Pauls Church to perform the Carol Concert and the Christingle, which we enjoyed. On Tuesday we did a maths test which was not easy but not hard. We still have to learn whilst doing these fun things for Christmas! We also learnt about Sihks with Mrs Burkinshaw and on Wednesday we did a paragraph plan of a story about a day in a life of ao object... something Christmas themed. we're writing about what it would like to be a Christmas tree, a carrier bag...or even a frozen turkey! We also watched three plays class 1a and class 1b, KS1 and lower KS2. They were al brilliant! Also, some boys went to play football and hopefully win...oh, we've just found out they came second! Well done! Next week, we our having our Christmas party...YAH!!! But Mrs Conway's says there's still lots of learning to do as well! That's our blog of the week.




The Weekly Class 10 blog by... Alanna and Francesca!

Last week, the year 6 went to Crucial Crew and they learnt more about fire safety, internet safety and many more interesting things about life outside of school. They had so much fun! In P.E. and we did tag rugby (where were not supposed to tackle each other! ) and we've been practising for our Christingle Service. In ICT, we've begun coding and designing simple programs. Also, we've been doing Oliver Twist for our topic and describing the grisly characters in detail. We did some fun work about Bill Sikes, adding prepositions into our sentences. In R.E, we're learning about Sikhism, and have been learning how to make our own menus in French. On Wednesday we sorted our speaking parts for the Christingle service and on Thursday, the junior wardens discovered first aid awareness and had to do CPR on a mannequin. (Great - I might need some help after cheerleading training! Mrs Conway!)


On Friday, we had our awards assembly, where Mr Harris commented on how many awards were from class 10 and Sophia was the first person to get a Silver award! Yay!

That is your class 10 blog for this week and we had fun! To find out more ,look on class dojo.

The Weekly Class 10 blog by...Max Jeffreys and Oliver Morgan!


This week has been mostly about trophies, sport...and frogs!


We started by winning the attendance cup - well done class 10! Keep on coming when you can and keep on learning!


On Monday we started off a new topic about Oliver Twist straight after half term and started tennis in P.E and we really enjoyed it. Wimbledon here we come! French was really interesting learning about food (they eat frogs!!!) and in I.C.T with Mrs Burkinshaw, we looked at websites which are not always safe. This was fun and interesting. In science, we were comparing the life cycles of amphibians and reptiles and humans - we actually have some things in common with a frog! Can you remember? It's to do with reproduction!


There's been a lot of sport going on. Leo Cosgrove and Emily ran in an amazing final at Cannon Hall with team Activ ;Leo came 6 which meant he made it to the Yorkshire finals. On Thursday some of the class went out to do football at Kirkbork  - team a ,  team b and a c team. There wasn't many people left! C team didn't get through the group stage and team b got knocked out in the quarters by Burton Road a in a really close match and Burton Road a went on and win it. The girls went to a tournament and got knocked out late in the semis. Let's hope next week is just as active!


Want an extra Challenge?


A task to try if you like!


Take a look at our current Brain Box Challenge, to discover more about the Olympics, where it's going to be held in 2024, and what new events you could be competing at in the future! The link's below. Happy researching and safe surfing, guys!