Class 9

Welcome to Class 9!


In Class 9 we love to learn, try new things and be creative! We also have high standards and high expectations for behaviour. 

We are excited for amazing year together!  


Miss Crump



Our PE days are Mondays and Tuesdays so please ensure children have full PE kits on these days.
Children will receive spellings on a Wednesday to be tested the following week. Homework will also be sent out on a Wednesday to be returned by the following Wednesday.

During our topic lesson this week, we have looked at the spread of the Roman Empire. We used a map of Europe to identify countries that were controlled by the Romans as the empire grew over time. We then created a key and marked on our maps the land controlled by the Romans, Celtic tribes and others. 



This week in literacy we have been focusing on using fronted adverbials and verbs to start sentences. To help with their diary extracts children worked together to create a bank of sentences starters that they can use in their writing. 



We began our topic by looking at different eras in British History. We looked at a timeline and children worked as a team to order BC and AD dates.

Children were then allocated an era to research and create a poster containing the start and end date, 3 facts and a picture. When complete we will create a timeline of events in our British history before focusing on the Romans and there invasion of Britain. 

Roman day


We had a fantastic day starting our learning about the Romans! We spent the day with a Roman soldier and a Roman man. We learnt so much and we had a battle using shields and javelins! 



Our new science topic this term is Sound.

Today we began our learning by going on a sound walk around school. We went to different places around school to listen and record the different sounds we heard. We then discussed the areas we visited, the sounds we heard, what caused the sounds and decided where was the quietest and noisiest place.

Class 9 have worked so hard making their own volcanos at home! So many fantastic, creative ideas! 

And together we had so much fun exploding them! 

We discussed needing an acid and an alkaline to cause a reaction, therefore we used vinegar and baking powder. 

We spent the afternoon learning all about the history behind Rememberence Day and then made our own poppies. 



Picture 1


Today we had great fun furthering our learning on the different layers of soil. We created our own tasty soil discussing the different layers as we went  along. 


Who would have thought soil tasted go good! 

Today we have been learning all about soil formation and the different layers of soil. We enjoyed watching a video clip telling us all about soil and then drew a diagram to show the different layers! 

We produced some fantastic diagrams! 

Our topic this term is Active Planet.

We had a fantastic day at Magna as an entry point to our studies.