Class 4

Welcome to Year 1

I am really looking forward to a fantastic year with you all. We have lots of fantastic topics coming up, trips to go on and visitors to welcome into school.

Mrs France

We have travelled back in time today to 1666 the year of the Great Fire of London. We are all bakers who live in Pudding Lane and King Charles II has written to us asking us to bake mountains of bread for a banquet he is holding. We tasted bread to see which flavours would be the best for the King and then we had great fun baking.
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See our Santa visit videos here:

Owl Man visit


Today the children had chance to see different owls from an owl rescue centre near Huddersfield.


We met Orvil who was a 6 year old little owl who was brought into the UK to get rid of mice and voles which they eat. He is very good at camouflaged and had yellow eyes like the sunshine because he is a daytime owl. 


Gismo is from South Africa and has orange eyes like the sunset because he comes out at sunset. He had a moustache to feel for food when it is close by. 


Willow was was an Eagle Owl and was 6 years old. He also has orange eye. His feet were too big to catch a mouse so he eats rabbits, pheasants and hares. He could live up to 55 years old. 


Poppy is a Tawny Owl which is the most common owl in the UK. It is the only owl to make the 'Twit twoo' noise. Poppy is nocturnal. 


Bubbles was a Barn Owl. Barn owl couples stay together all of their lives. Only 1 out of 5 eggs that hatch make it to a year old. Bubbles has a heart shapes face and hunts using her sense of hearing. They have to be very quiet when they are flying so they can hear their prey and their prey won't hear them. 


Storm was a Harris Hawk from desert areas. They are the wolves of the sky and hunt in packs then share their food equally between them.They sometimes stand on each other's shoulders to hunt for food. That is why on the top of every Native American Totem Pole there is a hawk looking for food.