A broad art curriculum enables the children at Burton Road Primary School to gain knowledge of art techniques and styles year by year which will enable them to eventually evaluate their own and their peers work. Children will be taught the necessary knowledge to appreciate a range of art forms and artists from a wide range of cultures. We aim to help children develop a love of art and to articulate their opinions through discussion with their peers. A clear progression of knowledge and skills should be evident throughout the school from the EYFS to Year 6.



Over a two year cycle, the children have the opportunity to study different styles of art by renowned artists in each area of Art and Design. At Burton Road, we have a balanced curriculum in place for all teachers to follow that is sequenced appropriately in order to develop the skills from EYFS to Year 6. During each topic the children develop particular skills that build up to create final pieces of work that demonstrate knowledge of a particular artists technique or style. Each year children continue to build on the skills they were taught from the previous year showing good progress across the phases.



The impact of the children’s learning will be monitored closely by class teachers and the subject coordinator through discussions with the children. We also frequently monitor lessons and sketch books throughout each topic during the year.