Class 6

Our superstars today recognising parallel lines in real life too- not just maths lessons!

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As scientists we are learning the bone dance and song. We have been learning about different types of skeleton (exoskeleton, endoskeleton and hydrostatic skeleton) and we have also learnt which bones in a human skeleton are connected. 💀

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We have been learning some chants to remember our months of the year and how many days in each month 📆📅

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We have been learning some chants to remember our months of the year and how many days in each month 📆📅

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We are continuing to learn to play un-tuned instruments with rhythmic accuracy 🎶🎵

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We have been learning to play a rhythm with an instrument. 🎵🎶

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We are loving our virtual Romans meeting this morning with our Roman soldier friend😄

In PE we have been practising our long jump and measuring our distance using tape measures, feet and trundle wheels 🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️📏

We are creating a Roman mosaic using pasta👩🏻‍🎨👨🏽‍🎨

We are learning about what happened when Queen Boudica tried to rebel against the Romans. We are creating freeze frames to help us with our introduction to diary entries. 👸🏼⚔️

Superheros to save the day💫

Great masterpieces as artists this week, we have learning about George Seurat's technique of pointilism.

Fantastic Aztec artwork 🔆🌼🥀🌻🔥⚡️🌙🐾🌲☘️

We have been busy making our calendars this morning, we can't wait for you to see them🎄🍎🌸☘️🍂

We had some very excited children this morning making our volcanoes explode. 🌋

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We have been learning about soil formation and creating our own mini compost bins.🌿🍃

We have been using the iPads and purple mash to write a letter to Santa to tell him how good we have been. 🎅🏼

Children in need!! We have written some fantastic persuasive paragraphs to persuade people to raise money for children in need and understand why it is important. 🐻💛🌈

We are continuing to learn about rhythm and pulse.

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We have been learning about the #BlackLivesMatterMovement this week. Today we were understanding the significance of Ruby Bridges and we have been using technology purposefully: log on the computer, open up word, save a document and type up the research we have found.

We have worked so hard as scientists this half term to find out all about forces and magnets. This afternoon we were investigating how to make our own compass - to see which way north was. Tell your grown ups all about our experiments and what attract/repel means 👨🏾‍🔬👩🏼‍🔬


As sculptors, we have recreated Stonehenge. What theory do you have for why it was made? We have some ideas!

Wow look at the prehistoric weapons we have made with Mrs Hepp! You all worked so hard and she was really impressed with the final creations you made as designers!

We are learning about rhythm and pulse🎶

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We have been learning to write musical notes (quavers and crotchets) to a rhythm

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We are showing what we know about Barnsely so we can compare this to prehistoric times.

Wow, great designs of our own Stone Age style houses.

We have been learning french greetings :)

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Fantastic Mathematicians this morning partitioning into tens and ones.

Wow some children have been lucky enough to meet Ashley Jackson in his gallery and interviewed him!

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Great recall of facts about Ashley Jackson, these will be really helpful when we write our biographies.

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Fantastic homework as artists already. We have shown what we have learnt in our art lessons about Ashley Jackson and developed this further in our home learning. Keep it up!

Homework Week Commencing 14.9.20

Fantastic work as artists this afternoon, imitating the work of Ashley Jackson!

We have been imitating Dilly the Dinosaur. Can you practice this with your grown ups at home using our story map and actions?

Sorry also forgot to mention, if you have an old shirt, please could you bring this in to leave in school for when we are artists to wear over the top of our school uniform! Thank you!smiley

Spellings Week Commencing 7.9.20
Suffixes (s, es, er, ed, ing) + common exception words year 2
1.    sings
2.    searches
3.    baker
4.    clapped 
5.    walking 
6.    door
7.    floor
8.    poor
9.    because
10.    children

Have a go, don't worry that you've had less time to practise these!

Thank you,

Miss Tate

Hello Children and Parents,


We've had a fantastic first week back, everyone has settled in really nicely and already started working really hard.


Here is some information for you...


Please bring PE kit on a Monday, where it will stay in school all week. We will have PE on a Tuesday and a Friday. On a Friday children will go home in their PE kit, after our lesson at the end of the day.


I will post children's spellings on the school website and Dojo each week on a Thursday night. Please practise these in your spelling book and keep this at home. We will have our spelling quiz each week on a Friday.


I will also upload homework on Dojo. I will send homework books home this week, please keep these at home. Children can complete work set in these and you can take photos to share if you wish.


Maths TT Rockstars letters have gone out, it would be great if you could start practising your times tables.


I hope for the children to choose their first reading book on Monday to take home and then bring back every other Friday. Please keep reading record books at home, again if you wish to share pictures you can.


Thank you,


Miss Tate and Mrs Selwood