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where learning is fun!





Mrs Hooley is our Nursery teacher, Mrs Sykes is the nursery nurse on a  Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Benoit is our nursery nurse Wednesday through to Friday.

We also have Mrs Parfitt and Mrs Martin who come and help our children who stay for lunch (30 hours funded) and Mr Richards who comes every Monday and Friday to play the piano and help with our fabulous singing.


A little bit about us...

Our school based nursery offers children a firm foundation in learning new skills, experiences and interactions that gives your child a head start in their early education.

We provide quality experiences to prepare your child for their reception year, including the opportunity to access a variety of resources and facilities within school. We offer a positive, caring and stimulating learning environment with a meaningful outside learning area.

Our fabulously spacious and colourful learning environment has the facilities to encourage your child’s development, providing a happy and secure stepping-stone from which your child can progress onto school. Our staff are highly qualified, dedicated and caring, with a wealth of experience in delivering early years education.

We offer fun packed activities across the week to develop skills and understanding through play. The children are presented with a wide range of hands on experiences intended to motivate, stimulate and challenge.





Our Blog

23/04/18- Learning all about planting and growing

12/04/18 Zoolab coming to Burton Road Nursery May 2018

09/04/18- Our Learning this half term

09/04/18 On the farm

24/03/18- Making Easter buns

16/03/18- We have said a fond farewell to Paddington Bear today, he has shown us lots of places from around the world but now it's time for him to catch his train back home to London.

We love to sing in nursery!!

We have been learning some new songs with Mr Richards.

Ask your child if they can sing the songs for are the words.


5 Easter Eggs

(to the tune of five current buns)


5 Easter Eggs in a corner shop,

Wrapped in silver with a bow on top.

Please can I have one just for me?

Yes here's one for after tea.

(continue until 0)


Down in Jungle


Down in the jungle where nobody goes,

there's a great big lion washing his clothes.

With a rub a dub here and a rub a dub there,

that's the way he washes his clothes.


With an eye, a tie, a boogie woogie woogie x3


That's the way he washes his clothes.


15/03/18-Making up our own jungle stories

08/03/18- Its the...Dough Disco!! Why not have your very own dough disco at home, were sure your child will show you the moves!

Fred Frog made a massive leap into nursery with his new letter sound 'k' The children enjoyed experimenting with different ways of markmaking our letter sound 'k'

05/03/18-Exploring 'The Jungle'

Showing curiosity and a 'give it a go' attitude

26/03/18- Funky Fingers!!

We love to build dens outside, pretending we are in the jungle. We drew some maps to help us find our way through the jungle.

Our Topic this half term...Our Amazing World!! We have followed Paddington Bear on his adventures around our amazing world. So far we have been to the Arctic, Antarctic, The Desert and in the desert Paddington found some dinosaur fosssils!

Having fun in nursery

Afternoon Nursery Concert

A morning with Santa

Nursery Christmas concert- Monday 18th Dec

Santas workshop- wrapping department