Vision and Rationale

What will History look like in three years at

Burton Road Primary School?

Over the last few years we have worked on a two year cycle within the phases of KS1, LKS2 and UKS2 to ensure that all the statutory aspects of the history curriculum are covered. We are now part way through a new phase where our curriculum is over a 4-year plan and structured under whole school topics. This is to incorporate the larger class sizes in the current year 5 as they move through school.

My aim this year is to make sure that the overall themes allow for focussed teaching of the statutory knowledge stated in the National Curriculum. I will also ensure that children are able to move through our school with a solid chronological understanding of British history and knowledge of key events that have shaped our country.

I have undertaken a book scrutiny and given feedback to ensure that teachers are focussed on both the knowledge and skills that will make them good historians. I have developed a detailed progression document to be used by staff to help them to plan well sequenced lessons and cover the knowledge and skills required for the children to make good progress through history during their time at our school.

My aim is to support staff with their planning of the new historical topics that may have previously been done by other year groups or where teachers have changed year groups. I will be particularly supporting them to use the progression documents and my monitoring will be focussed on how well lessons are taught in a sequence that helps children develop both skills and knowledge.

Overall, I would like to see both teachers and pupils developing a real passion for history and becoming skilled at using sources to find out about the past. I would also like to see them using their knowledge to show a good understanding of how past events have shaped Britain today. Finally I would like to see children becoming more analytical of evidence that they have presented to them so that they can make informed and sensible decisions not only about the past but also about their own lives today.