Short Term Planning and Curriculum in Action

Sport in Action Outside of the Curriculum

Take a look at the impact of our inter-school sport provision, PSP, for children at Burton Road...


BR Overall Stats 2022-23

55 Events

980 children (Males- 543/Females-437 )

KS1- 35%

LKS2- 99%

UKS2- 95%

Overall whole school 80% attended 1 or more external events


This year's development plan outlines our future plans to extend intra-school competition and further opportunities for our KS1 children.



Building on our previous year's participation...

BR 2021-22

KS1- 60%

LKS2- 88%

UKS2- 86%

Overall whole school 77% attended 1 or more external event

Excerpt of the short term planning

The Curriculum In Action

Spring 2

EYFS- Dance Unit 2

KS1-Net and wall & Yoga

LKS2- Athletics & Yoga

UKS2- Dodgeball & Yoga

Spring 1

EYFS- Gymnastics Unit 2

KS1-Striking and Fielding & Dance

LKS2- Football & Dance

UKS2- Handball & Dance

Autumn 2

EYFS- Fundamentals Unit 2

KS1-Sending and receiving & Gymnastics

LKS2- Basketball & Gymnastics

UKS2- Football & Gymnastics

Autumn 1 2023

EYFS- Introduction to PE Unit 2

KS1-Ball Skills & Fundamentals

LKS2- Ball Skills & Fundamentals

UKS2- Hockey & Fitness

Summer 2

KS1- Team Building & Ball Skills

LKS2- OAA & Hockey

UKS2- OAA & Badminton

Summer 1

KS1 athletics & Fundamentals

LKS2 Athletics & Dodgeball 

UKS2 Athletics & Netball

Spring Term 2

KS1- Yoga & Invasion

LKS2- Yoga & Cricket

UKS2- Yoga & Golf

PHSE with Reds in the Community


Sports Leaders in Action 2022-23

Spring Term 1

KS1- Dance and Striking and fielding

KS2- Dance  and Tennis

Autumn Term

KS1-Bat & Ball/Health & Fitness

KS2-Invasion Games/Health & Fitness

Summer Term


summer Term 


Sports Leaders in Action

#LetGirlsPlay #GirlsFootballinSchools 


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Spring Term 2-Net, wall, striking & fielding



Active Sensory Circuits

Spring Term 1- Dance & Movement 

KS2 lessons

KS1 Lessons

PE Journey

Autumn 2 KS2

Autumn 2 KS1

KS1 Multi-Skills morning 21.10.21

Autumn Term 1 KS1 & KS2

Autumn Term 1 - EYFS


KIDNETICS is specialist program, it focuses on developing the ABC’S ( agility, balance and coordination) of children’s development through sport, dance and different age appropriate games and the use of specialised equipment. Each session runs for around 30 - 45 minutes in groups of around 15 children, this helps gain full engagement at such a young age and often is delivered instead of PE for children in Nursery & EYFS.