Curriculum Design and the Long Term Plan

Designing the BR P.E Curriculum:


The Get Set scheme offers schools the flexibility to build their own long term plan. At Burton Road, we have selected and sequenced our choice of units to  firstly to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum, but also to ensure that learning is:


Progressive – knowledge is built through sequential lessons and units

In practice: In EYFS, the units are sequences for progression (unit 1 and 2 increase in difficulty).

In KS1, ball skills, fundamentals and sending and receiving units are sequenced first as they isolate skills to prepare children to apply these in games activities (target, net and wall, striking and fielding and invasion) with increased pressure, rules and decision making.


Transferable - units are sequenced to ensure children can transfer their knowledge and vocabulary across units, making meaningful connections to enhance meaningful connections, whilst differences between the units are explicitly taught.

In practice:

In KS2, gymnastics then dance, followed by yoga, a new subject for many children, which uses the core skills and vocabulary from the previous two units, such as a sequence of movements connects into a ‘flow’.

In KS2, consideration has been made to our events programme and community links, teaching units where children also get to use these skills in the inter-sport event/competition calendar, e.g. Rugby, Golf, Tennis. Taster sessions are arranged with these community clubs where possible to signpost children to ways continue to develop their knowledge out of school


Challenging – Variety of units meet the three pillars of progression beyond more familiar sports, where children have a greater difference in their prior knowledge.

In practise: Units include Yoga, Golf, Handball and Volleyball


Adapted – Units from the scheme have been adapted with suggested activities/tasks on our medium term planning, using knowledge of our specialist sports coach and to meet the differing needs of the children within our setting.


Units have been selected over a 2-year cycle, to ensure that all children will access each unit by the end of the key stage.


Adapted to meet the needs of our setting – available space, time and teaching staff

In practise: Consideration has been made for weather to avoid disruption to lessons, placing units such as dance and gymnastics in Autumn 2 and Spring 1.


Units have been allocated between class teachers and the sports specialist to best use teacher expertise – Teachers to lead dodgeball with additional training from AH and additions made to the long term plan, e.g. addition of throwing technique or barrier blocks in cricket.


The long term plan for 2022 – 2023 shows the transfer to the Get Set for PE scheme in Spring 2, 2023 following staff training and trials.