Class 6

Welcome to Class 6


We are looking forward this year to doing lots of hard work but also having fun along the way. We will be sharing our hard work and special events here on our class page, so keep looking to see if you can spot your work! Mrs France and Mrs Selwood will always be on the look out for children who are trying their best and joining in with our learning.



Fantastic singing of our Harvest songs in singing practice today. We love a song called 7 million tons and we were shocked to find out that is how much food is wasted every single year. We also had great fun singing the Harvest Samba.

Story Writing
In class 6 we have been having fun reading a silly version of Jack and the Beanstalk called ‘Daft Jack and the Beanstack’ by Laurence Anholt. We have had lots of fun writing our own versions of Daft Jack. 

Making marks in clay. We have been making Escher style footballs by tessellating shapes around a ball of clay.