Class 11


*Learning is engaging, inspiring, rewarding, challenging and fun!*


This is the home of learning in class 11

and we are ready to rock year six!  Welcome back!


We have some exciting learning opportunities waiting to welcome you back and to settle us all into our new routines. We work super hard on our core subjects, growing our knowledge and developing our skills, so get ready for learning that will make your head hurt (in a good way!). We also want to challenge you in year six in different ways, with enterprise events, team building tasks, creative arts and drama productions, competitive sports, time to talk and much more, so our class will soon be buzzing with life, just as it should be! We've also got the most exciting class novel to start - it's tense, surprising...but still makes me cry!


Myself and Mrs Atkinson can't wait to get to know you all properly and find out all about what makes you special - we love to hear about the exciting things you do out of school, as well as in! So let's smash year 6, together every step of the way!


 Mrs Conway and  Mrs Atkinson x

Class 11 Information for Pupils and Parents 2021

If you want to know anything about our class this year, from homework expectations to PE days, please check out our surviving year six guide above. Remember, we are always here to help! 

3D ‘body forms’ in clay - inspired by our work on Antony Gormley

3D body forms in wire- inspired by Antony Gormley

Exploring the human form

We have studied proportions to draw accurate representations of the the human form, ready to create our own designs for a 3D sculpture - wow work! 

PSHE in action - how do we communicate effectively?

Following our new PSHE scheme, SCARF, class 11 are exploring communication, negotiation and assertiveness, whilst trying to build a free standing bridge! Who will be victorious? 

A good book and a cold treat- we love reading whatever the weather!

Read for rewards from the Star Books Cafe!

From our loyalty cards which earn a tick for each book completed to sweets for each Accelerated Reader test taken, we are rewarding you every step of the way for reading! Check out our class recommendations and ‘cup of clarification’, where we explain the tricky vocabulary we come across. Well done to these amazing pupils who completed our summer reading challenge to tackle a genre a week! And here it is… our first class novel. It’s a real page turner, with danger and drama in the heart of the Amazon. But will it make me cry? Going on previous reads…yes! Don’t laugh, class 11! 

Get ahead of the game- who will be our featured artist?

Your brain box challenge is to think about the art surrounding us in our local area. Where is it? What do you think or feel about it? What local artists can you name? Impress me, class 11! 

Keeping our learning interactive!

Here’s our ‘hot potato’ in action! Just a fun way all child have the opportunity to share their ideas and answers, so we are all involved and active.

Mission Possible is underway- team work challenges to welcome us all back!