Medium Term

Medium Term Planning And The Teaching Sequence

In order to develop the curriculum that we seek, and fulfil our aims, our teaching sequence needs to balance the subject domain, teaching sequence and relational learning. All teachers must have this in mind when subjects are delivered. The mastery curriculum advocates a thinner curriculum and more time to embed knowledge and skills. Again, it is the independent application of higher order skills where deeper learning takes place. Planned units must take account for this and decide the end task that would best deliver this and work its way back.

The teaching sequence would be:

  1. Knowledge acquisition 'To know' 
  2. Enhancement of knowledge 'To understand'
  3. Independent application of knowledge and skills in a meaningful or purposeful context.

The application of these skills will involve setting tasks that provide opportunities for children to:

  • Explain
  • Summarise
  • Reason
  • Reflect
  • Challenge
  • Evaluate
  • Think Critically