Class 9

Welcome to Class 9!


In Class 9 we aim to ensure our class is a warm, friendly and inviting classroom where pupils are able to challenge themselves, believe in themselves and most importantly enjoy all of their learning whilst do it with a smile on their face.


In Class 9 we focus on being:

- Friendly

- Respectful

- Resilient 

- Determined


- Inclusive. 


All year we have worked super hard in order to improve our knowledge and successfully make progress. 


Literacy/Class Read

Literacy - We have focused our writing around Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Within this sequence of work we have worked towards completing two pieces of writing. Firstly, we wrote a descriptive piece focused Harry's first visit to Diagon Alley. This piece of writing outlined Harry's feelings when he first stepped down Diagon Alley, taking in all the wonderful scenario around him. As well as, describing the thoughts and feelings of Harry when he made his first steps into Gringotts Bank and Ollivanders, the wand shop. The children produced wonderful pieces of writing which clearly outlined Harry's feelings and a well detailed description of the surroundings in Diagon Alley.


Our focus in Literacy has been upon Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Whilst reading this book, we have linked this to our Literacy in which has enabled us to form two pieces of writing for our big write. Firstly, we focused upon writing about Harry's first visit to Diagon Alley. Within this learning we explored writing about the surroundings Harry faced when he first stepped down Diagon Alley, as well as, describing his thoughts and feelings during his visit. Our description was highlighted by also describing Harry's first steps into the famous Gringotts Bank and also his first visit to meet Mr Ollivander in the wand shop. 

Our second piece of writing has focused upon writing using a contrast in formality. In linking to the book, as a class we aimed to write two letters, which would both use formal and informal language. Our letters were based upon the events of the night when Dumbledore, Hagrid and Professor Mcgonagall left Harry on the doorstep at Privet Drive. The contrast in formality will be achieved by writing one letter as Dumbledore (Formal) and one written as Hagrid (Informal). This has given the children a good insight into writing using standard English, but also converting this to non-standard English by writing informally. 



During our Design Technology lesson we worked towards planning, preparing and evaluating our chosen soup we made as a class. Throughout this process each pupil learnt about how soup is made, what ingredients go into a soup and also in the end, using different techniques safely to create our soup. 

We explored a wide variety of soups and as a class discussed what type of soup pupils had tried before. We looked at our own preferences, as to which ingredients/soup we liked, as well as even learning the names of some new vegetables pupils hadn't tried before.


When making our soup we looked closely at how pupils can use the techniques learnt in safe and responsibly way so that everyone could get involved during the process to help create our soup!

Pupils enjoyed being involved in the process of making the soup and even some pupils said they would try our recipe at home! Once we had completed the soup, each pupil then had the chance to try our soup and evaluate the taste. Pupils were able to consider what worked well but also highlight what we could do next time to make the soup even tastier! 



Throughout the year in our Art we have been learning about self-portraits and also looking at creating our own collage. 

When focusing on our self portraits pupils learned various techniques to help create a wonderful slef portrait of themselves. We used work such as the Mona Lisa to explore ways in which self portraits can be created. As well as, looking at the difference between renaissance and medieval images. During this we dived deeper into the work of Leonardo Da Vinci and some of his famous work. We looked at styles and techniques from his work that we could look to implement in our own work. Working towards our final piece we looked at how we can use scale, proportion and different tones to help effectively improve our work. 


We have now moved onto focusing on designing our own collage. We began our topic by identifying what a collage is? What makes a collage? and looking at key vocabulary which we can use to help us describe a collage. We then began to look at work from a collage artist, Ben Giles. When looking into his work the children explored what mixed media art was and how this can be used when forming a collage. As a class we did this by looking into different perspective within collage art and how we can manipulate and use paper in order to create an effective piece. 




Our latest topic in Science has resolved around Living things and their Natural Habitats! As part of this topic in Class 9 we have been looking at classification and one of our lessons involved us finding out all about Carl Linnaeus who is a famous taxonomist. We used IPads to research the Linnaean System and pupils took the chance to find out how specific animals were classified using the Linnaean System. 



History in Class 9 has seen us exploring Barnsley's past of coal mining. We researched into the coal mining industry, what life was like as a miner, the issues that were involved in mining, the working conditions for miners and looking into a timeline of the coal industry. As part of our topic this enabled us to visit the Barnsley Miners Hall where we were given a greater insight into mining in Barnsley and then also we were lucy enough to visit the Coal Mining Museum. Both these trips gave the children a great first hand experience of the mining industry, as well as, being lead underground into the mine at the the Coal Mining Museum.