Pupils with SEND

Pupils with SEND


Our Mathematics curriculum is ambitious and inclusive for all learners, including disadvantaged children and children with SEND. Learning is scaffolded appropriately to ensure all children can access the learning at their level independently. Our curriculum has been successfully adapted, designed and developed to ensure it is ambitious and meets the needs of pupils with SEND, developing their knowledge, skills and abilities to apply what they know and can do with increasing fluency, speed, confidence and independence.

Children who have less significant barriers may have other reasonable adjustments such as; decreased demands, pre-teach, adjustments either to the curriculum or pedagogy. The progression document clearly defines what is expected within each topic for each year group, therefore it is easy to cross check previous learning and revisit it where necessary for children with significant barriers or gaps in knowledge.


Within maths lessons many resources or scaffolds may be used to support learning.

Examples of this may include...

  • Concrete resources such as numicon, counters, cubes, counting sticks, number lines.
  • Pictoral resources such as 100 square, times tables grids, tables, charts, pictures of objects to count etc.
  • Adaptation of activity – for example with graph drawing axis may already be labelled, with shape less characteristics may need to be identified. Within procedural methods children can practice the method at their level – eg two digit add two digit with no exchange.