Class 3

Welcome back brand new Class 3!

Mrs Makings, Mrs Pearson and Mrs Latham can not wait to join your Year 1 learning journey this year. Let's explore, discover and have lots of fun developing our knowledge and skills through our exciting new topics.

If you fancy going back time in time to explore the life of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole or learning to sketch and shade like an artist or understand living things and their habitats then Class 3 is the place to be!


We have been busy making sure your classroom is an exciting and happy place to learn together and we are so looking forward to seeing you all in September.

Pleased to meet you! Our first morning together as the brand new Class 3!

During our Maths learning we have been busy exploring all the ways we can sort objects.

Our brand new sketch books! For our first Art lesson, we have been busy exploring outlines, very carefully drawing around shapes.

We have been using our imaginations to create a school for 'The Colour Monster' ready to label and describe to our friends.

This is Duncan. Duncan loves to read and listen to stories. He will be going home with somebody from Class 3 every Friday so you can share stories at home with him. Will it be you this week?

Our 'Colour Monster Finger Spacers' ready and waiting to help us leave a space between the words we write in our sentences.

Our first PE lesson based on fundamentals. We have been exploring how to use our bodies to balance and jump landing safely.

Writing - Week 2:

We have been “full stop detectives” in Class 3. The mission.. to find  sentences which were missing full stops and adding them on using our purple polishing pens!

We have been “full stop detectives” today. Finding the sentences which were missing full stops and adding them on. Some of the children had a go at being the teacher, editing sentences on the board.

Maths - Week 2:

In numeracy we have been learning to represent numbers. We listened to a story about a naughty snake who wanted to eat some mice and followed the story adding and subtracting counters every time the snake put a mouse into (or took a mouse out of) his jar. We were brilliant!


Why not listen to it together at home?



Living and Non-Living. 

We have been deciding whether things are living or non-living and learning about the 7 life processes asking questions like: Does it eat? Does it grow? Does it excrete? Does it breathe? Can it reproduce? Does it move? Does it react?



Maths - we represented numbers in different ways. We are going to use the photos taken to create a class number book. The children were really creative and came up with lots of different ideas.


Fruit Faces

We have used all of the skills that we have been been developing over the last two weeks to sketch, shade, add texture and detail.
We have also been making some tasty looking fruit faces ready to sketch in our next lesson. 

Literacy - We have been retelling the story of “The Colour Monster goes to School.”
We have used actions and story maps to help us. Why not ask your child to tell you the short version of the story. I have attached the story map for the beginning to prompt them.


Maths - this week we have been using dominoes, sorting them into piles and showing if their total is more, fewer or less than the number rolled on the dice.