Reading & Phonics Schemes

At Burton Road Primary School we want to make sure every child learns to read and learns to read quickly so they succeed in school and life- long learning. We begin the early stages of reading in our Nursery and continue the reading journey in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 using the Read, Write, Inc Phonics scheme. We also use Read Write Inc Phonics for children in Year 3 and Year 4 who haven’t quite met the reading expectations for the end of KS1. Assessment at the end of each half term allows us to group our children based upon their stage of reading which means all children are reading at the appropriate level for them.

We teach sounds and children practise reading and spelling words containing these sounds. When ready, we give children decodable books containing sounds and words they can read. We practise these books to increase the children’s fluency and to help focus on what the story is about, enabling them to move smoothly onto comprehension skills. Alongside these books, we read a whole range of stories to the children to help them foster a love for reading.

For children who may need a little more practise when learning to read, we teach these c