Design and Technology Policy.

Design and Technology Rationale

Design and Technology at Burton Road Primary school helps children to gain the knowledge to develop, plan and communicate their ideas through exciting, creative and challenging projects.  Children will generate ideas and learn to consider the purpose for which they are designing.  Our DT curriculum enables children to work safely and accurately with tools, equipment, materials and components to make products.  They will develop the skills required to design and use appropriate techniques including measuring, marking out and cutting.

Our curriculum allows children to evaluate their process and final products, identifying strengths and areas they would like to develop next time.  Recording and drawing skills are developed to allow children to accurately label their drawings.


Knowledge and Skills

Design and Technology knowledge is planned through our whole school themes which are then specifically planned for using our progression of knowledge document in line with the National Curriculum expectations. Children are taught the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to design and make.



At Burton Road Primary school, we believe that all children should have the opportunity to engage with an exciting and creative process of designing and making to ensure they are equipped with life- long skills to design and make safely.

When the children leave at the end of Primary School, we intend that they can use tools safely and accurately to make and modify quality products.



We work in partnership with Hepp Dt who provide expert specialist DT teaching across whole school.  We have a Long Term plan which covers the National Curriculum expectations. Our progression in skills document is used to plan the ‘DT Passport’ which identifies the aims, tools and skills required for each product.



Children evaluate their own final products and decide any areas of improvements.  Monitoring is led by the DT co-ordinator who will speak to the children and meet with Hepp DT specialist teachers, look through planning and DT folders.