Class 1

Welcome to Class 1


In Class 1 we love to learn, play and explore both the indoors and outdoors! Over the year we have lots of exciting topics planned including Our Amazing World, Once Upon a Time and Growing and Changing!  Throughout the year we also be taking part in Read, Write, Inc Phonics to help us to learn to read and we will develop a love for Maths and will work towards developing a deep understanding of number to 10, using numicon and number blocks to help us along the way!  



Spring 1 - Poles Apart 


We have started our learning all about our core text Poles Apart.  Today we have found out all about Antarctica, what it is like and where it is and also how it is different to where we live in Barnsley.  

Spring 1 - Our Amazing World



This half term we are beginning our learning by finding out all about Space.  Our key text is The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers.  We have enjoyed sharing the beginning of the story and thinking about the little boy in the story.  We have also been learning new vocabulary around the book and topic including the following words:

- Space

- Solar System

- Gravity

- Astronaut

- Alone

- Afraid 

- Spluttered



We have been busy using the bricks to create our very own rockets.



We have been using our space small world area to use our imaginations to create stories together.



We have also been scooping, sorting and counting moon/space rocks.

Autumn 1 - Autumn 



This week we are learning all about the 4 seasons.  We have started thinking all about Autumn in particular and have been beginning to explore conkers, leaves, acorns and pumpkins.

Autumn 1 - Working towards our Curricular Goals



Over the last few weeks we have been practising colour mixing with powder paints remembering the 4 P's - pot, paint, palette and paper!  Today we started to mix two colours together.  We found out mixing red and blue makes purple!


Autumn 1 - Funnybones 



We have started our learning all about Funnybones. We have read the story and will continue to think about the story for the next two weeks. We have been learning some new vocabulary from our book including the following words and what they mean:
- Skeleton
- Skull
- Frighten
- Cellar
Over the next two weeks we will develop our knowledge of the story and will be learning how to retell the story ourselves using a story map. We will also be finding out about our 5 senses and keeping our bodies healthy.

Read, Write, Inc Phonics 


In Reception we are continuing to learn new sounds each week.  Don't forget to look out for the Read, Write, Inc videos and Fred Talk games on the class dojo for you to practise!

Autumn 1 - Working towards our Curricular Goals


Class 1 have been working towards our curricular goal and are getting good at following instructions to make their own play dough.

Autumn 1 - Where we live


Class 1 loved our learning all about where we live. They were excited to use Google Earth to find their homes and walk round Barnsley on it spotting familiar places. They also enjoyed our walk around the local area, creating maps of our journey and finally creating some buildings we saw on our walk including houses, school, Aldi and even the Town Hall.

Autumn 1 - Where we live


This week we are thinking all about where we live.  We have been thinking about which planet we live on, which country and which town we live in.  We have added been using some vocabulary and have shared them with Wendy the Word Bear linked to our learning including:

- Earth 

- England

- Barnsley 


We have been excited to explore google earth and in particular looking at and walking around the streets of Barnsley on it looking for places we recognise including the Town Hall, Barnsley market and the Alhambra Shopping Centre.

We are looking forward to our short walk around the immediate area to see what we can spot on our journey before creating our very own maps later in the week.

Autumn 1 - Introducing Power Paints


We are learning how to mix powder paints starting with a single primary colour before we move on to mixing up a secondary colour.  Eventually we will move on to mixing different shades/tints by adding black and white.  We have been learning the names of the items we need to use and also the order we need to ensure we can mix up the right consistency of powder paints to use on our picture.  Today we have been mixing red. 

Don't forget all the P's...

- Paintbrush

- Pot of water

- Powder Paint 

- Palette 

- Paper (to do a picture)


Autumn 1 - Busy in Provision 


We have been excited to look at our friends photos and baby photos trying to work out who is who.  We were also talking about what we could do as a baby in comparison to what we can do now.

Autumn 1 - Busy in Provision


Last week in Maths we were thinking all about matching and sorting.  This week we have been consolidating our Maths learning from last week by playing the pairs game, matching the same animals together.

Autumn 1 - Elmer



This week we are learning all about Elmer.  Today we have been reading the beginning of the story and have been introduced to some of our story words of the week including:

- Herd

- Patchwork

- Unnoticed


We will continue to read the story across the week thinking about events that happen in the middle and the end of the story.

Self Portraits

This week we have been learning what a self portrait is and painting our own self portraits.  We have been looking in the mirror and talking about the different facial features we have and what colour, shape and sizes they are.  When painting our self portraits we were practising using paint brushes carefully using brush strokes and using thin paintbrushes to add detail. 


Autumn 1 - Families, Families, Families 

This week we have been thinking about ourselves and our families in Class 1.  We have been thinking about growing up and sharing our baby photos.  It was very exciting guessing the baby!  We have shared our text of the week Families, Families, Families and been telling our friends all about our families and again sharing family photos.  We have been learning new vocabulary including the words:

- Unique 

- Sibling 


Autumn Term - Making a Strong Start in Reception


Meet Fred Frog!



This week Reception have met a special part of our class and our Read, Write, Inc Phonics sessions Fred Frog!  Fred can only say the sounds in a word and needs our help to help him say/read the word.  Fred will say the sounds and the children have been trying to work out the word. For example, Fred says the sounds c–a–t, and we have been orally blending the word to say cat. This is Fred Talk: sounding out the word.  We will continue to take part in lots of Fred talk over the next few weeks.  Please check out the class dojo wall for a link to practise Fred talk games.

Autumn 1 - The Colour Monster 


This week our core text is The Colour Monster.  We have started to listen to the story and been thinking about his different feelings/emotions.  Class 1 have also been introduced to Wendy the Word Bear and have been thinking about some key vocabulary in the story so far including thinking about what the following words mean:








We look forward to learning more about The Colour Monster later in the week and thinking about our own feelings/emotions in particular thinking about things that make us happy and sad.


Autumn 1 - First Few Days 


Class 1 have had a great first few days in school.  They have been exploring our many areas of the classroom learning what areas we have, what resources are in them and how to use them carefully.  They have also been learning how to tidy up after using them!


First Few Days Exploring Indoor Provision