Class 7

Welcome to Class 7 - Mrs Hatton

Hello and welcome to our Blog. In our class there are high expectations but brilliant rewards. Learning in Class 7 is fun and interactive and I hope you enjoy being with us on our learning journey. 

Class 7 achievers this week...


Jacob with Special Mention

Liam and Alesha with the Golden Ties

Ashleigh with Reading Miles

Liam, Annie, Ashleigh and Bethany are our Veggie Challenge winners. 


Well done everyone and keep it up! 

Our achievers this week: 


Bethany with special mention

Liam with extra reading miles 

Ashleigh wins the Veggie Challenge points, with Danielle and Chloe as the runners up.

Well done to Annie, Daniel and Jacob for achieving the good work and progress Commendation. 


During numeracy we have been looking statistics and learning about discrete and continuous data. Today we were lucky enough to participate in sporting activities and make tally charts for our data. Next week, this data shall be used to create graphs. 


Thanks to Mr Woodhall too for helping us set up and supporting us too 👍🏻

This week’s achievements

Well done to everyone who took part in this year’s Sports day. Thanks to a good turn out of parents and even mr sunshine paid us a visit too! 


This is year’s winning team was Switzerland 🇨🇭 

Today we took a visit to the Royal Armouries Museum to compliment our superb bespoke historical topic about battles of Britain.

What an absolutely fantastic day we have had! Everyone has learned something new and has related what they've seen to our superb topic. May I add that I am completely elated about the WHOLE class' behaviour and conduct! What a delight to add to our perfect day! Well done Class 7, yet again, you continue to make me proud to be your teacher!


Sword Fight

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Our achievers this week are:


Brooke for special mention 

Ava and Halima for reading miles 

Liam and Halima for world book day 

Ashleigh , Bethany , Alesha and Jacob for veggie challenge winners 

Kaci and Alesha for bronze commendation good work and progress 



Well done everybody in class 7 keep up the hard work!

Week 7's Spellings

Rule: To use the prefix 'inter'











Today- we 'bossed' coding! Whooo hooo!

Alesha's coding

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Jacob's coding

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Well done to our achievers this week!

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Discovering coordinates in numeracy

Reading out about our mythical creature, that we have created for our literacy.

Our achievements this week go to Noah and Halima for special mention, Ashleigh and George for golden ties, Jacob in first place, Annie in second and Ashleigh in third place for the veggie challenge and finally, Liam and Harvey for gaining more reading miles! Well done and keep up the hard work everyone!

After 30 years of service at Burton abroad, we say a tearful goodbye and well wishes to our beloved Mrs Guthrie. Well done to those children in class 7 who contributed to her goodbye assembly with your kind words! 

During our numeracy this week, we have been looking at 3D shapes and their properties as well as identifying which nets belong to which 3D shape. 

In addition to this, some of us have been on a shape walk around school - we didn't find many hexagonal prism or tetrahedron objects. Can you think of any?

Class 7's Spelling list for week 5:












After learning about the battle of Tewkesbury, we completed some of our own representations of stained glass windows in the style of Tewkesbury Abbey. I must say, they look amazing and so effective on our windows!

Well done to Class 7 for exceptional behaviour and sensible participation in the Pedestrian Road Safety activity. You’re a credit to our school!

Road Safety Day

Excellent work everyone! I know that Ava, Jacob and Alysha have really tried their best to get a pen license! Look at all those bronze commendations not forgetting extra reading miles for Charley! Keep this up! 

Our achievements this week...

Congratulations to Halima for passing her grade 1 recorder exam. I know how hard you’ve practised and it’s certainly paid off. Well done!

Collaboration work in maths- concept cartoon questions about angles and shape. We discussed which statements were true and which were false to assist our understanding in today’s learning. 

Did you know...

Humans “see” when light that reflects off of objects reaches our eyes. Some colours send more light back so we see them better. For example, brightly coloured objects reflect more light than dark-coloured objects do. Fluorescent objects send out visible light when high-energy light shines onto them. Retro-reflective material—often referred to as reflective material, used on road signs and some safety gear, for example—bounces back almost all of the light that shines onto it.


During Science we investigated which colours best showed up in the dark and then with the help of torchlight. We were able to go into a pitch black makeshift cave to accurately investigate after we made our predictions. We had found that dark colours are not easily visible with little light and that shiny or fluorescent colours show up better due to them reflecting the light better than darker colours. 

 We realised that having a ‘cave’ in class was pretty cool and we also liked going in for a bit of ‘me time’ ☺️ 

Well done to Charley- for achieving this week's special mention for perseverance in Literacy. As well as this, Daniel and Jacob have gained more reading miles and Reece and Ava have achieved the golden ties for always good behaviour and work. As well as this our 'Veggie challenge' winners are Liam in first place and Ava and Evie are our runners up. Keep up the hard work everyone.

Summer 1 Week 2 Spellings

Rule: change from singular to plural

Bus= buses
wolf= wolves
Tax= taxes
Party= parties
Hoof= hooves
Cherry= cherries
Scarf = scarves
Country= countries
Life= lives
Loaf= loaves

Look at some of our superstar, journalistic writers...

Some of you may be aware that the legendary ‘Bruce Dyer’ comes to our school to coach football, during and after school. 

Well our children love the activities and learn a lot from Bruce with regards to respect and fair play. Some of our children have won a special trophy from winning a tournament with Bruce.

Great work Alex, Drew and George, for your super participation. 


An added well done to everyone that participated! Remember if you didn’t win this time, it’s the taking part that counts! 

Friday’s are always exciting, especially when awards are given out. Our ‘Special Mention’ this week goes to Lucy-she’s really pushed herself during literacy this week. In addition to this, our ‘Veggie Challenge’ winners are Ava and Evie in joint first place, Ashleigh in second place and Halima in third place. Well done girls! As well as these awards, children in Class 7 have been reading more at home, which has increased their Reading Miles! Well done to Jacob, Ava and George! Keep up the hard work Class 7 ☺️
 Today was a great day but unfortunately we said goodbye to one of our members of our team in Class 7- Miss Steele. It’s been a pleasure working with her and we wish her well in her new job.
During our numeracy lesson today we have been finding the perimeter of compound shapes. We had the task of looking at a bird's eye view of our school from 'Google Maps' and working out the perimeter of it. It was a fun task and at times was challenging. We hope we can get out with the trundle wheel and actually measure the perimeter of our school at some point.

What a superb, intriguing afternoon we've had today! We have been learning about Henry V's battle at Agincourt! Henry V had a clever formation of his army and as a result he and his army won the battle against the French. In class, we've had the opportunity to draw his journey around France leading up to the battle, then we've drawn our own interpretations of the army formations for each side. Everyone said they'd really enjoyed this lesson, as did I, and we are looking forward to learning more next week.

Week1 Summer1 spellings:

To use the prefixes- dis, un and mis


Jacob went to Spurn Point during Easter and has found some fascinating fossils. We were lucky enough to see them and feel their texture. Thank you for sharing with us Jacob!

Well done to Zander and Evie for achieving the Golden Tie this week!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the Easter break and is ready to start off our exciting Summer term. Our upcoming term is extremely thrilling, as we advance on to our learning about some of the great British battles throughout history. We shall start with; the battle of Agincourt, the battle of Wakefield (which was pretty close to us!), the battle of Tewesbury, the battle of Bosworth, the Spanish Armada, the battle of Waterloo, the battle of Somme and finally finishing with D-Day, the invasion of Normandy. I hope you're as elated as I am to learn about these fascinating elements of history. In other subjects, we shall be learning about Light then about Changing States including the Water Cycle in Science, Buddhism in RE and continuing our daily learning in Literacy, Numeracy and grammar.  

I look forward to another fun-filled academic term and to seeing your continued hard work in class.


Mrs Hatton frown

Alex has wowed us today's by bringing in his medal from the 'Iron Kids' competition. He was proud to say he did really well and tried his best in running at this event. It is always lovely to see children participating in other activities out of school, especially sporting activities to support healthy lifestyles! 


Well done! ☺️

Alex and his achievement

Well done to our achievers today- Danielle has got this week's special mention and Drew collected his special mention from last week as he wasn't here. Our veggie challenge winners this week are Ashleigh in first place, Ava in second place and Halima in third place! In addition to this, Ava has achieved 444 reading miles! Once again, great work and effort from everyone and keep it up!



Sport Relief in Years 3&4

What a fun filled numeracy lesson we've had today! We have participated by working collaboratively in an 'Easter maths hunt challenge', which has consisted in problem solving and team work. It has been a different way of doing our numeracy and we've throughly enjoyed it.

Spring 2 Week 5 Spellings

Rule: the /A/ sound spelled ‘ei’ ‘eigh’ and ‘ey’.











Easter disco time

George’s football presentation tonight extra trophy 🏆 for best goalkeeper 🥇🌟 Thanks to mum for the photo! 👍 Well done George!

During our PE session this afternoon, we have been completing an SAQ (speed, agility, quickness) assault course. We have worked so hard that we were red in the face as well as sweating perfusely too! We enjoy keeping fit and healthy at school and activities such as this encourage us to push ourselves. 

Sweating in PE=working our bodies hard!

Don't forget to complete your weekly challenges on Mathletics Class 7!

During our topic lesson this afternoon, we have been learning about the battle of Hastings in 1066AD. Our tasks included putting events leading up to, during and after into chronological order and understanding how and why William the Conquerer was successful. This has been an interesting end to our Spring term topic of 'Vikings' simultaneously being a wonderful introduction to our Summer topic of the 'Famous Great British Battles'.

1066 AD Battle of Hastings

Our Veggie Challenge winners this week are Ashleigh in first place, Alex in second place and Chloe and Ava in joint third place. Well done everyone!

During science today we have been investigating where light comes from and classifying which things are sources of light or not. In addition to this, we have had a walk around school and found different sources of light. 

Science - Light

During our topic lesson we have made and played a Longboat board game. We have asked each other questions and have tested how well we know our Viking topic.

Longboat Board Game

During literacy today we have been identifying the features of a newspaper article. Some of us did a matching activity whilst others highlighted the features that they could see. In addition to this, we have created a catchy headline for our newspaper report. Look at our magpied ideas...

Our headlines

Identifying features of a newspaper article

This week's spellings for Class 7


Rule: g / gue k / que














Our 'Veggie Challenge' winners this week. Well done to Liam in first place, Jacob in second place and Ashleigh and Harvey in joint third place!

Super homework yet again from Liam, Liam, Evie and Daniel

Golden Tie winners, Commendation for good work and progress, Special Mention, Reading Miles winners this week.

Well today has certainly been eventful, we have had the opportunity to look at evidence from a crime scene and listen to an eye witness account of events. We are still piecing things together and investinging further in order to create a journalistic report for our literacy. Keep posted to find out more and to follow us on our learning journey. 

It’s a mystery...

Oh oh, what’s been happening here then? 


Just a little sneek peak for what’s in store for Class 7 tomorrow...who’s excited?


Keep your eyes peeled for more tomorrow!

Wow! I am super impressed yet again! Ava has created a Viking recipe and also actually made it- a scrumptious Viking stew! As well as this, Ava had baked some Viking buns with Ollie for a lovely class treat! Aren't we the lucky ones?! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Liam's Viking Saga about Thor and the Giants part 1 and I must say that after reading 'How to be a Viking' by Halima, I can definitely make the best Viking! Not forgetting Jacob, who has worked hard on his longboat model. Truly amazing! Well done everyone, I cannot wait to share this work with everyone on 'Parent's Evening'.

Following a site inspection, Burton Road School will remain closed. This is due to the adverse weather conditions & the safety of: learners, parents & staff travelling to school. It was our best intention to open the school today but unfortunately this couldn't happen. We expect to reopen on Monday. Thankyou for your patience & understanding.

Some of Class 7 have had ‘snow’ much fun on their SNOWDAY! Happy birthday to Ava too, snow for your birthday- how lovely!

Again, apologies but we are closed today Thursday 1st March. Keep warm and safe everyone!


Many thanks, 


Mrs hatton 

Apologies everyone, but due to frozen pipes, school will be closed today 28th February. 


Many thanks,

Mrs Hatton 

Well done to Zander for achieving the Special Mention this week. Also a huge well done to Noah, Halima and Liam for gaining more reading miles this week! Keep up the hard work everyone!

Who's won our 'Veggie Challenge' this week? Jacob in first place, Liam in second place and Chloe in third place. Well done! It was a close one!

Can we beat Usain Bolt? Today we have been timing ourselves sprinting 100m. We have read our times looking at numbers with two decimal places. We then compared our numbers and sorted them into ascending order. With our times, we also generated mathematical questions. It was really fun!

More wonderful homework created by Ollie, Daniel and Evie. Well done everyone!

Spring 2 Week 1 Spellings for Class 7




To include the ‘s’ sound as in ‘sc’




Wow more superb homework. This time from Ava. She has built a wonderful Longhouse with help from her dad and little sister from scratch!

Great models made by Liam, Drew and Lucy!

We are very lucky to have more scrumtious Viking style cupcakes made by Noah and Zach! Thanks boys they were delicious!

Well done to Alex for winning our 'Veggie Challenge' and to Danielle and Harvey for being our runners up!

Class 7's big achievers this week...Chloe for achieving Special Mention, Daniel, Ollie, Bethany, Jacob and Danielle for achieving Reading Miles and Daniel and Emily for achieving the Golden Tie!

More outstanding homework from Class 7!

WOW! Just look at George's Viking Longboat cake! Lots of hard work, effort and determination has gone into this homework and I am absolutely elated with not only this piece of homework, but the rest of Class 7's efforts in their superb homework!

More fabulous homework from Class 7! What wonderful creations from our talented pupils!


Spring 1 Week 5 Spellings


To add the suffix –sion to the given root words.











Well done to Ollie- our 'Veggie Challenge' winner this week. Liam and Jacob are our runners up! Keep eating those fruit and vegetables everyone!

Who's won an award this week? Our Special Mention this week goes to Liam T. Well done to Ava R for gaining more Reading Miles, Halima for achieving her Bronze Commendation for good work and progress and to Drew, who participated in Team Activ's Futsal competition.

I am so pleased to see more Viking homework coming into school! I am elated at the amount of effort and time put in to Class 7's homework. Thank you to parents too for your support!

Spring 1 Week 4 Spellings



Word ending with the letter string -sion.


The words possess, possession, occasion, occasionally and calendar also need to be learnt.












Class 7 were given the task of investigating and constructing circuits.They made buzzers sound as well as light bulbs light up in Science this week.

Look at more of Class 7's wonderful homework! Well done everyone!

This week's achievements go to: Jacob and Reece for achieving a Bronze Commendation for good work and progress, Bethany, Jacob and Ava for winning our class' 'Veggie Challenge', Daniel for achieving the 'Special Mention' award and to Jacob and Alesha for winning the 'Golden Tie' this week! I am extremely proud yet again of your achievements! Keep up the hard work Class 7!

Spring 1 Week 3 Spellings


Rule: Word ending with the letter string- 'sure'


The words earth, early, heart, heard and learn to be learnt too.














Congratualtions to Ava for achieving Special Mention this week. A massive well done to Noah, who has finally qualified for his pen licence and to Ava R for achieving her Bronze Commendation for good work and progress.

WOW! superb Longboat hoemwork brought in by Kaci!

Well done to Ollie and Emily for wowing Mr Harris today with their wonderful homework!

Spring 1 Week 2


RULE: The suffix –ly is added to adjectives to turn them into adverbs.

EXCEPTION: If the root word end with –ic, then –ally is added instead of just –ly. The only exception to this is publicly.











Look at some of our wonderful topic homework on the Vikings! Everyone has really tried hard and found and made wonderful things. Again you amaze me with your wonderful ideas and work Class 7!

Who's acheived reading miles? Ava, Jacob, Liam and Daniel. Well done. Keep up those reading miles everyone!

This week's special mention and golden tie winners go to... Alex, Lucy and Liam. Well done everyone!

Spring Week 1

RULE: The suffix –ly is added to adjectives to turn them into adverbs.

EXCEPTION: If the root word ends with –le, then ending changes to –ly.













Years 3 and 4 Viking Day