Teaching & Learning

Reconnect, Engage, Model, Scaffold, Apply and Assess!

A Learning Culture

As part of our teaching and learning policy we believe that it is important for children to develop a love of learning so that they can generate a subsequent desire for knowledge, be ambitious young people and view learning as an opportunity to succeed in life. It is this type of dynamic learning experience that leads to children 'knowing and remembering more' and a consistently high level of pupil attainment, progression and achievement.


We having guiding principles within our policy but value and respect teacher autonomy in how to interpret this and subsequently teach well in order to achieve these over-arching aims.


Through these guiding principles, we are seeking to develop children who are: resilient, responsible, resourceful learners who have the confidence, skills and attitudes to be successful lifelong achievers!


Guiding Principles

·To be knowledgeable about what we are teaching
·To reflect on our practice and challenge our own thinking and approaches
·To ensure that we have a clear picture of our pupils’ knowledge, skills and their level of understanding so that we can enable them to take the next steps in their learning.
·To organise our classroom activities to encourage children to become successful learners through understanding how they learn.
·To formally and informally assess the attainment of our pupils.
·Use assessment to inform planning
Use marking and intervention to provide feedback and guidance to help pupils identify own errors and up-level their work independently.
Quality first teaching needs quality first CPD – opportunities to share practise, support and training.


Quality First Teaching - what we expect to see:

 Engage - creative, immersive and stimulating learning experiences which reflect our children’s interests and context
 Challenge – learning that makes your ‘head hurt’!
 Model – explanations and teacher modelling used
 Scaffold – learning builds and differentiates appropriately
 Interact – different teaching strategies employed to ensure all learners are active and involved
 Apply – learners independently apply the skills taught independently and in other contexts