Class 4

Welcome to Class 4! 


Miss Wassell and Mrs Procter are very excited for our year together in Class 4. 

Our topics for this half term include 'still life' sketching in Art, and learning about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole in History! We will be learning lots of new things and having lots of fun with all of our topics so we hope that you are looking forward to your new class as much as we are!

We are scientists!


In our science topic, we have been exploring living things and their habitats. We explored outside and took photos of the habitats and living things, that we could see. We then discussed what they need in their habitats to live! To continue our investigation, we then focused on microhabitats, and talked about the different minibeasts that live in them! We designed our own, predicted what minibeast might live there and then we CREATED THEM! We worked super hard in our groups and showed excellent team work.

Exploring and creating microhabitats!



In PSHE, we have been focusing on 'Me and My Relationships' and have been talking a lot about our feelings, and other people's feelings. We discussed how people show their feelings using their facial expressions and their body language. We played a game in our pairs, to see if our partners could guess the feelings from our facial expression and body language!



In history, we have been learning about history makers, including Florence Nightingale. We looked at some sources and discussed why we think she is important. We learned about all of the amazing things she has done, including helping the soldiers, cleaning the hospitals and training others to be fantastic nurses! We put all of her key life events on our own human timeline!