Burton Road Primary School Curriculum – September, 2022

The Bigger Picture

International education comparisons based on narrow skills will become increasingly

meaningless. We need to champion a new kind of learning; one which values

teamwork, creativity and the diversity of opinion held within our classrooms. We

need to educate our children to think more critically, more ethically and become

more geo-politically aware.

Global Challenges Insight Report: The Future of Jobs 2017


Curriculum Intent

At Burton Road we strongly believe that children learn best through a dynamic and engaging learning experience. It is experiences such as this where learning sticks and deeper learning takes place. We believe that we are preparing children for life and for the future world that they live in and will hopefully make a positive contribution to. Lifelong learning is a core part of our curriculum aims. For this to happen, children need the opportunity to use and apply skills in a meaningful context. Learning has to contain relevance for children to be motivated to learn and teachers need to act as a role model, and inspiration, for learning. This means that we embrace thematic learning but do not pursue this in isolation, and it is not at the expense of knowledge. As an essential part of this, our learners must be highly numerate, literate and well equipped for the next phase of education. Our curriculum is designed for pupils to acquire knowledge and steadily gain a progression of knowledge and skills. However, learning needs to go way beyond this so that pupils have profound, rather than shallow, learning experiences. Children must be able to transfer this and use it a meaningful context that demonstrates not only the depth and mastery of it, but also prepares them as global learners who can apply their learning to different contexts and evaluate global issues that develops them as: well informed, well rounded, independent, critical thinking and moral young people.


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