Pro-Active School Performance

Burton Road's Inter-School Sporting Provision



Advocating Excellence in Inter-School Sport

Mr Hawksworth and Mr Harris have set up a provision to deliver inter-school competitions.

Pro-Active School Performance aims to give all young people the opportunity to play, learn and develop new skills in a variety of sports. In addition, we want to provide a quality-sporting provision for inter-school competitive sports that coincides with academic studies and other demands on the school.

We have a fantastic events calendar throughout the year that will take part on most Fridays. With there been a variety of new sports to take part in, hopefully each child will find a sport that they enjoy and potentially continue outside school. Our school has received many accolades in recognition of the opportunities we offer to both our pupils and children across our local community - The School Games Gold Mark and named a Centre of Excellence in Physical Activity by the Yorkshire Sport Foundation.

Looking back at 2022-2023 in numbers.

See how our impact has grown year on year!


PSP Overall Stats 2022-23: -

12 schools

32 events

1673 Males

1861 Females

284 SEN

786 PP

229 BAME

Total of 3534 children attended

Average 90 children a week


PSP Overall Stats 2021-22: -


12 schools

27 events

1353 Males

1363 Females

Total of 2713 children attended

Average 70 children a week

Boys Football League Fixtures

BR V Churchfield (won)

BR V Shawlands (Won)

BR V Gawber

BR V Summer Lane

EFL League 1 Regional Football Finals

LKS2 Dance 

Well done to our LKS2 Dance Team who came 3rd. The routine was amazing and we can how hard you have worked. Big thanks to Mrs Roe for putting the routine together, great job.

Y3 Colour Run

It was great to try a new event. It was a messy, fun-filled after for the children and staff. smiles all round smiley

KS1 Ball Skills

Mr H & Mrs Firth are really proud of this group, they worked so hard and had a great attitude towards every activity. Well done team for coming 2nd.

Y3 Ball Skills

It was our Y3's turn with a ball skills event. They all grew in confidence throughout the afternoon and displayed all the school values. They all had so much and worked really hard.

Y4 Basketball

Huge well done to our basket ballers. They showed some amazing skills, resilience and great team work all afternoon. Our aim is to find a sport for everyone - 5 out of 7 have never played basketball before, they all really enjoyed experiencing a new sport.

Y3/4 Boys Football

Can the boys follow in the foot steps of the Y5/6 Boys football team won their tournament at the start of the year.

Yes they can yes, It was a very close final between us and Mapplewell (local derby). They was fantastic all afternoon which resulted in them being crowned champions.

Y3/4 Girls Football

So proud of these girls for their fantastic effort. The girls won every league fixture and didn't concede a goal. We just dropped short losing on penalties in the final to a good Gawber team.


KS1 Rugby Multi Skills

They gave it their all, all afternoon. KS1 children experiencing a new sport. Runners-up

UKS2 Dance

Really proud of our dance team who came Runners-up. Every single one of them have worked so hard and the performance reflected that. Big thank you to Mrs Conway for putting the routine together.

Y5/6 Sports Hall Athletics

Big well done to everyone involved, this as a great team performance. The team gave everything resulting in us coming in Runners-up.

Sports Leaders - CPR Training

Y6 Lacrosse

Y6's had a great afternoon playing Lacrosse. They worked so hard as a team and improved massively with every game, they managed to come 3rd. Its good to see children given an opportunity to play a new sport.

KS2 Boccia

Both teams put a great display of boccia on. they all worked so hard and also had an enjoyable afternoon trying some new activities alongside boccia. well done to everyone involved.

Y4 Dodgeball (School Games)

It was our Y4 's turn to take part in a school games event at Horizon CC. From start to finish they showed great team work and it resulted in them becoming Y4 Dodgeball Champions, fantastic display.

Y2 Football

What an afternoon this was for our younger children, they did not lose a game all afternoon. BR staff are so proud of them. Our little superstars, Y2 Football Champions.

Y3/4 Intra School Dodgeball Championship

The Dodgeball has been very competitive but all the children have shown great spirit, attitude and sportsmanship. Well done to everyone involved.

Sports Leaders in Action


Y5 Boys Football (School Games)

The boys took part in a football event at Netherwood Secondary school. The boys was fantastic all afternoon. We are so proud of them, they even came runners-up

Y5 Lacrosse

Our Y5 children tried out a new sport ‘Lacrosse’. Thank you PSP for giving our children the opportunity. Really proud of them all reaching the final, gutted to lose in the last minute. Well done fantastic achievement 🥍👏

Y4 & Y6 Boys Football Friendly V Joseph Locke primary School

The boys had a fantastic afternoon at JLPS, two year groups putting on a great display of football. Well done to both schools not just on their performance but their attitude and behaviour. BR came away with two wins 👏⚽️

Y5/6 Rugby 

The children showed a great attitude & determination just missing out on the semi-finals. We improved with every game,well done Team BR 🏉

Y5/6 Girls 7-a-side Football

so proud of these girls representing school. Great to see some young footballers stepping up with the Y6’s on residential. Just missed out on the semi-finals, good effort girls 👏⚽️

Ramp Up Event

Class 9 took part in the ramp up event which was an event with bikes & scooters. All the children absolutely loved it 🚴🏼 🛴 

Y5/6 Boys 7-a-side Football

The boys had a fantastic afternoon, not losing a game. It was a great display from every single player, especially our keeper who saved the winning penalty in the final.

We was crowned Y5/6 Football Champions 🏆⚽️👏


Mr Hawksworth & Mrs Conway had a great afternoon attending the Dance CPD with all the other PE Leads. Thank you to PSP & Lucy and Jo for delivering this workshop, it has massively helped us out.

'PSP' Sports Awards 2023

That's the end to another fantastic year of sports, big thank you to Pro-Active School Performance for delivering a high quality sporting provision and giving the our children the opportunity and providing a positive experiance.

Y6' Horizon CC PE Transition

Y6's had a great time yesterday at Horizon for an afternoon of sport. Thank you to staff and their Sports Leaders for putting on a fantastic event. 

Y5 Athletics

Runners-up 🥈

These athletes deserved their 2nd place as they showed true determination, passion and teamwork. They should be proud of themselves 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

Springvale Friendly (Football)

Y2 Boys & Y2/3 Girls

Two good games with our good friends Springvale Primary School. Nice to see children representing Burton Rd football for the first time.

both teams showed great football & team work resulting wins in both games 👏

Y5/6 Cross Country

classes 9 & 11 took on the cross country at Horizon CC. Everyone worked so hard and never gave up to complete a tough course, well done everyone 👏👏

Y3/4 Cricket (South Yorkshire Finals)

Our Y3/4 cricketers represented Barnsley at South Yorkshire Finals. They put on a great display of cricket leading them to runners-up 🥈 well done to everyone involved.

Year 6 Tennis

All the children had a lovely afternoon in the sun playing tennis. Thank you to PSP & Barnsley Tennis Club for putting on a fantastic event. Well done to everyone involved 👏🎾

UKS2 Sports Day

Canada-Mrs Conway’s Team became champions 🏆🥇

LKS2 Sports Day

Jamaica-Mrs Brooke’s Team became champions 🏆🥇

KS1 Sports Day

Canda-Mrs Schofield’s Team became Champions 🏆🥇

collaboration Cup Boys & Girls

what a fantastic day we had at the Collaboration Cup at the Reds in the Community. The girls came 🥉 and the boys became champions 🏆🥇 really proud of them all 👏

Y5 Netball

Our Y5 netballers smashed it, they showed great determination and teamwork, which lead them to runners-up. Well done Y5.

Y3 Handball

Our Y3 was trying out another new sport- Handball. They worked extremely hard and showed good team work which resulted in them becoming Handball Champions (we didn't lose a game haha).

KS1 Rugby Multi-Skills

First event of the summer was a Rugby multi-skills. They worked really hard on all the skills they need to play rugby. They worked that hard the came runners-up, great achievement.

KS1 Multi-Skills

Our KS1 children took part in several stations working on loads of sports skills. They worked really well as team and came out runners-up. All the children had so much fun. 

Y3 Ten-Pin bowling

Y3's took part in a new event today-Ten pin Bowling at 'Barnsley Bowl'. All the children was well behaved and had so much fun. Can't beat an afternoon of bowling and ice cream. They all deserved the treat.

Y5 Trampolining

Thank you to Ms Buckley and Mr Ward at Horizon CC for organising a come and try trampolining taster session. All the girls had so much trying out a new sport.

Aqua Festival (School Games)

So proud of all the children that attended the aqua Event. They all pushed themselves to the limit and smashed the races. Great to see some children trying out swimming for the first time

Year 4 Basketball

Well done to our year 4 basketball team who qualified for South Yorkshire Finals. All afternoon they work so hard as a team and they got what they deserve. Fantastic display and good luck in the finals.

School Games Champions 

Year 4 Hockey

Year 4's enjoyed themselves at RITC with a new sport 'Hockey'. They took all the skills they have learnt in their PE lessons on to the pitch and put a great display of hockey on. They improved with every game. Great effort by everyone.

Y3/4 Fitness Festival

Whole of class 8 visited RITC for afternoon for Fitness. They took part numerous fitness classes (Yoga, HIIT, Abs, dance).  All the children found out that fitness can be fun. Well done to everyone, you all worked so hard, even the teachers.

Year 3/4 Boys Football

well done to these boys who came 4th today. Some of these boys it was their first time representing the school football team. All of them didn’t let themselves down as they put a great display on. Really proud of them.

EFL Cup Final (RITC)

Not our day at EFL Cup Final but we still came away 4th. Thanks to Michael Duff for the photo & RITC for hosting.

Year 3/4 Girls Football

what a fantastic afternoon the girls had at their football event. They drew all 5 matches and just missed out on qualifying. So proud of these girls they worked their socks off. Quite a few first timers as well. You smashed it 👏

'PSP' Boys Football League 2022

What a season the boys have had. This group won 4 and drawn 1 in the league stages, which saw them progress to the semi-finals. The team has improved massively from  start of the season. BR beat JLPS in the semi's and went on to play a strong mapplewell team. 

Congratulations to our Boys who was Crowned Champions of the Y5/6 Football league 2022. It was a great final, with both teams playing some fantastic football. Thank you to Mr Harris for taking the boys.

EFL Cup Qualifier

Well done to the boys for qualifying for the EFL Cup Finals in the new year at the Reds in the Community. They played some terrific football, what a performance from start to finish. Thank you to Mrs Wright for taking them at short notice.

Year 5/6 Gymnastics

The year 5/6 team worked really hard to follow in the footsteps of our y3/4 team who became champions last week. They just did that-Congratulations on becoming Y5/6 Gymnastics Champions. Once again a big Thank you to Mrs Conway for putting together an amazing routine.

Year 3/4 Cross Country

Class 6 and 7 participated in PSP cross country event at Horizon CC. Every child completed the course which is massive achievement. Well done to everyone involved.

Year 3/4 Team Gymnastics

The 10 girls have been working so hard on their routine the last couple of weeks its has paid off as they became 'Gymnastics Champions'. They all absolutely nailed the routine. Big thank you to Mrs Conway for working hard on the routine.

Year 4/5 football (School Games)

The boys took part in a school games football competition at Horizon CC. We had a few boys that represented Burton Rd for the first time at football. They all worked their socks and managed to come runners-up. Well done to everyone involved/ thank you to Mrs Buckley and her sports leaders.

School Games-Taekwondo & Multi-skills

10 year 3 children had amazing afternoon at Horizon taking part in Taekwondo & Multiskills. All of them really enjoyed it and worked so hard. 

Y 5/6 Golf

Our children took part in a new sports event 'GOLF'. Despsite the weather the children had loads of fun. thank you to Woolley Park Golf club for giving the children a positive experience. 

BR V Springvale Friendly (Football)

Another full afternoon of football at Springvale. Took three teams this year-Y3 Boys, Y4/5 Girls and Y5 Boys. All three year groups put on a great display of football. Well done to both schools not just on performance but their attitude and behaviour. Thank you Springvale for hosting.

Y3 Kick Ball Rounders

Great to be back taking part in School Games Events. Y3 worked so hard and worked really well as a team. All the children had a fantastic time at Horizon CC.

Y2 Football

Fantastic afternoon where our Y2s took part in their first competition for Burton Rd. Every child played a huge part in Winning all 7 games to become Y2 football Champions 🏆⚽️ Well done team BR 👏

Y 5/6 Girls Football

we didn’t bring home the trophy but the girls improved with every match. We even had 3 girls making their debut for the school team. Well done girls 👏⚽️

National Fitness Day

Mr Hawksworth led assembly highlighting the role of physical activity & it’s importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. After the assembly the whole school took part in the daily mile & other healthy activities. Well done to everyone involved.

Y 5/6 Boys football

First event of the year and we started off with a bang.Boys didn’t concede a goal in the league fixtures. We played a hard fought final against a strong Mapplewell squad. It came down to the dreaded penalties where we was crowned  champions. 🏆⚽️

Pro-Active School Performance Sports Awards

LKS1 Sports Day

UKS2 'Sports Day'

KS1 'Sports Day'

Collaboration Cup

Fantastic day for both boys and Girls. After putting on a great display of football in the group stages they both reached the final.

Girls just missed out to a strong Holy Rood team 🥈

Boys beat Mapplewell and we’re crowned Champions 🥇 🏆

Brownlee Foundation- Mini Triathlon Event

Boys Football League

BR V Summer Lane

Y3/4 Athletics

KS1 Athletics

Class 4 went to DorothyHyman and showed their fantastic athletics skills. The class split into two teams, they both did really well coming away as champions and third place 🥇🥉🏆 well done everyone 


Y3/4 Cricket

The children started off slow in their first match but went on to show Resilience by putting on a fantastic display of cricket in the second. They all did really well to say it was the majority of children’s first ever cricket match. Well done team BR.

KS1 Cricket Multi-skills

KS1 children spent the afternoon up at Monk Bretton Cricket Club In the lovely sun, taking part in a variety of cricket stations. All the children really enjoyed themselves and showed great team work. Really proud of their efforts and attitude. We came runners up overall, well done everyone. 

Spring Term Events 

South Yorkshire Futsal Finals
Our u11’s boys came Runners-up in the S Y Futsal Finals. 

Boys Football League

Joseph Locke V BR 2-4 (w)

BR V Shawlands 3-2 (w)


KS1 Multi-Skills

Second Multi-Skills event for our KS1 children. They have done amazing again by coming runners-up. Great team work and positive attitude was displayed all afternoon. Really proud of them, all the hard work has paid off.  Well done to everyone involved.


KS2 Boccia 

Three KS2 boys attended Boccia event at Joseph Locke Primary School. The team just missed out reaching the semi-finals. Our Children performed well and worked really well as a team. Even though we didn't win we all had a great time competing. Pupils were a credit to our school. 


Runners-Up Girls Football League

The girls made it into the final of the Football League. We played are good friends Shawlands (Local Derby) to decide who was crowned Pro-Active School Performance Football League Champions. They all worked really hard and displayed some good football but come up short  against a strong Shawlands Team. 

Thank you to all the girls who's played apart in our football league.

‘Sport Showcase’ @EIS Sheffield

15 Y5/6 children took part in ‘Sport Showcase’ at EIS Sheffield. The children took part in 10 activities throughout the day. 
taekwondo, kin ball, netball, Team building, Rowing

Speed stacking, karate, Spike ball, Cycling, Skipping

What a great experience for these young children to witness the facilities of EIS Sheffield. All the children and staff have enjoyed a fantastic day.

Y 3/4 Sports Hall Athletics

Y3/4 had a great time at Sports Hall Athletics taking part in variety of stations and finishing it off with relays. Every single person worked really hard and gave it their all. The team did BR & themselves proud. Well done Team BR 😀

Y3 Mixed Dodgeball

This was the last event of the term. Our Y3 should hold their heads high after struggling in the first couple of games. The team showed great resilience, work rate and improved with every game. Well done to all involved. 

Y4 Mixed Handball

Y4's turn to take part in Mixed Handball competition. This was all the children's first event of the year and they didn't disappoint. They started off very slow in the first game but after that they showed a fantastic display of hard work, attitude and team work, which resulted in coming third. Well done everyone.

Y3/4 Girls Football

It was a very cold & windy afternoon at Y3/4 Girls Football event but didn’t stop them having fun. This was the girls first football competition together, they rose to the challenge & performed superbly improving with every game. 

Primary Climbing Event

We had a fantastic morning taking part in the Primary School Bouldering Qualifier. This was a new event, that challenged 6 of our children. What a great experience they had trying something new. This is what its about, trying to find everyone their sport. Well done to everyone involved.


Y3/4 Boys Football

Well done to our Y3/4 Boys Football team that was crowned champions 🏆⚽️
A great turn out with 11 out of 12 schools took part. The boys won their group & made the final against Joseph Locke. It was a fantastic hard fought final which lead to penalties which BR came away winners. 

Y2 Football

First event of the spring Term was Year 2 football at Dorothy Hyman. For such a young age they played some fantastic football & the main thing is they all had fun & played with a smile on their face.

Y2 Football champions 🏆⚽️

Autumn Term Events

KS1 Multi-skills

First event of the year for our KS1 children and we've gone and smashed it! KS1 Multi-skills champions. Great team work and positive attitude was displayed all afternoon. Really proud of them, all the hard work has paid off.  Well done to everyone involved.


U11's Boys Table Tennis

On Monday, four Y6 boys had the opportunity to travelled to the English Institute of Sport at Sheffield to compete against schools across Barnsley & Sheffield. Some of our children had never played table tennis before, although after a couple of training sessions they still participated and had lots of fun. The boys was fantastic all morning, but eventually got knocked out in the semi finals. Great effort.

KS2 Cheerleading

Congratulations to our Cheerleading Team for coming runners-up on Friday. They have worked so hard over the 7/8 weeks to prepare a routine. Team BR demonstrated hard work, co-ordination, strength, as well as building confidence, self-esteem and team work. Thank you to Mrs Conway for putting together a fantastic routine.

Y 3/4 Gymnastics

Y3/4 followed have followed Y5/6 gymnasts with Some fantastic Routines. Both teams performed amazingly & resulted in 2nd place in advanced and 3rd in foundation event. Well done to all gymnasts involved and thank you to Mrs Goulding & KS2 pupils for preparing them.

Barnsley Area Football Finals Y5/6


The boys took part in the Barnsley Area football Finals. From start to finish they had a positive attitude & fantastic work rate. Lads played some great football & scored some team goals.We are so proud of them.



This Autumn we have co-ordinated, and delivered, our Pro-Active School Performance schedule, which has been designed to deliver a range of: high quality, inter-school sporting opportunities across a local partnership of schools. After working hard to get this flagship programme off the ground, BRPS were delighted to receive this testimonial from a parent who was delighted with the positive impact that inter-school is having on both her children....


Over recent months I have been very fortunate to watch both my children take part in a range of sporting activities that you have organised off school premises. They have enjoyed the whole experience of meeting children from other schools and being part of the team representing Burton Road.  In particular, I have seen their confidence grow by being part of the football team and the interaction with their team mates.  


I look forward to Burton Road being able to continue offering a wide range of sporting activities as this not only helps with their physical health but also mental health and preparation for progression to secondary school. Also at the Cross Country event, at Dorothy Hyman's, I was truly moved by how team mates cheered each other on to complete the course regardless of which school they were from.


I hope to come along to many more Sporting Activities

Y5/6 Girls Football League

Won 2

Lost 1

The girls have worked really hard as team and are improving with every game. There’s been some fantastic individual Performances throughout. Everyone involved has had a positive attitude. Well done girls, BR are really proud of you.

Y 5/6 Gymnastics

we took two teams, foundation & advanced to Barnsley Gymnastics Club to compete in the y5/6 gymnastics competition. Both teams performed amazingly. And................ we came 1st in both categories! We will celebrate their success in Monday’s assembly.

Well done to all gymnasts involved and thank you to Mrs Goulding for preparing them.

Y 3/4 Cross Country

First event of the year for Y 3/4 children and they didn’t disappoint with their performances. Children took to the track to complete 2 laps. Every child completed the 2 laps in style, they should be proud of of what they’ve achieved. We even came away with medals-1st & 3rd in the year 4 boys race.

Y5/6 Cross Country

Year 5/6 had a fantastic afternoon at Dorothy Hyman for our Cross Country event. With the sun beaming down, the children took to the track to complete 3 laps. Every child completed the 3 laps, what an outstanding achievement, that they should all be proud of. We even came away with medals in 3 out of 4 races.

Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics

Fantastic performance from our Y5/6 boys & girls as they became runners up to a strong Shawlands team. The children showed some great team work and had a positive attitude all afternoon. The team only missed out by 29pts. All the teachers are so proud of they've achieved.

Football friendly V Springvale Primary School

96 pupils took part in four fantastic football matches between boys & girls against Springvale Primary school. Great to see so many new and experienced players wearing their school shirt with pride. Thank you for hosting.

Y5/6 Mixed Tag Rugby

On Friday 24th September, the kids took to the pitch with Mixed Tag Rugby competition. They all gave a good account of themselves playing some talented schools, and most importantly enjoying the rugby. Mr Hawksworth was proud of the way they worked together to say we had we had some kids in their first ever rugby competition.

Y5/6 Boys Football Finals

The boys did fantastic and became Runners-up to Summer Lane. Burton Road got off to slow start by losing their first match. As the games went on, we became stronger and stronger. The boys played some great football and scoring some superb team goals. Mrs Atkinson, Mr Hawksworth and Mr Harris are so proud of what the boys have achieved.

Y 5/6 Boys Football Qualification Event

On Friday 10th September, the boys kicked off our inter-school competition by attending boy’s football qualification event. We qualified from this event to the football finals, which is held in in October. The boys tried to play the right way with some great team football throughout the competition.

Y 5/6 Girls Football Qualification Event

The girls followed the boys by attended their football qualification event on Friday 17th September. After a slow start, the girls showed lots of potential and gave 100% but unfortunately just missed out to qualify for the finals. All the girls really enjoyed it and did themselves proud.