Pro-Active School Performance


Advocating Excellence in Inter-School Sport

Mr Hawksworth and Mr Harris have set up a provision to deliver inter-school competitions. Pro-Active School Performance aims to give all young people the opportunity to play, learn and develop new skills in a variety of sports. In addition, we want to provide a quality-sporting provision for inter-school competitive sports that coincides with academic studies and other demands on the school.

We have a fantastic events calendar throughout the year that will take part on most Fridays. With there been a variety of new sports to take part in, hopefully each child will find a sport that they enjoy and potentially continue outside school.

Autumn Term Events

Y5/6 Cross Country

Year 5/6 had a fantastic afternoon at Dorothy Hyman for our Cross Country event. With the sun beaming down, the children took to the track to complete 3 laps. Every child completed the 3 laps, what an outstanding achievement, that they should all be proud of. We even came away with medals in 3 out of 4 races.

Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics

Fantastic performance from our Y5/6 boys & girls as they became runners up to a strong Shawlands team. The children showed some great team work and had a positive attitude all afternoon. The team only missed out by 29pts. All the teachers are so proud of they've achieved.

Football friendly V Springvale Primary School

96 pupils took part in four fantastic football matches between boys & girls against Springvale Primary school. Great to see so many new and experienced players wearing their school shirt with pride. Thank you for hosting.

Y5/6 Mixed Tag Rugby

On Friday 24th September, the kids took to the pitch with Mixed Tag Rugby competition. They all gave a good account of themselves playing some talented schools, and most importantly enjoying the rugby. Mr Hawksworth was proud of the way they worked together to say we had we had some kids in their first ever rugby competition.

Y5/6 Boys Football Finals

The boys did fantastic and became Runners-up to Summer Lane. Burton Road got off to slow start by losing their first match. As the games went on, we became stronger and stronger. The boys played some great football and scoring some superb team goals. Mrs Atkinson, Mr Hawksworth and Mr Harris are so proud of what the boys have achieved.

Y 5/6 Boys Football Qualification Event

On Friday 10th September, the boys kicked off our inter-school competition by attending boy’s football qualification event. We qualified from this event to the football finals, which is held in in October. The boys tried to play the right way with some great team football throughout the competition.

Y 5/6 Girls Football Qualification Event

The girls followed the boys by attended their football qualification event on Friday 17th September. After a slow start, the girls showed lots of potential and gave 100% but unfortunately just missed out to qualify for the finals. All the girls really enjoyed it and did themselves proud.