Class 9

Welcome to Class 9


In Class 9 we are all friendly, respectful, responsible and resilient learners who follow the road to success. 

We have some interesting topics and exciting learning opportunities planned for over the year to enjoy with Miss Crump and Mrs Trainer. 

Remembrance artwork  
School council elections 

British prime ministers 


To being our topic learning, children created a timeline of significant British Prime Ministers in chronological order. 

A special visit from Winston Churchill to introduce our new topic ... History Makers!  

Circles in circles 


Ending our greatest artist topic children recreated one of Kandinsky’s famous pieces of work. Children focused on lines and the overlapping of circles as well as experimenting with colour to create their work.  

Roald Dahl day 


To celebrate Roald Dahl day, children came to school dressed as their favourite character or wearing yellow. Children spent the day designing their own chocolate bar just like Willy Wonka. Working in teams, they decided on a name for their chocolate, what ingredients it would include, designed the packaging and then created an advert to share with the rest of the class. 

Abstract art 


Continuing with our art topic, children created their own pieces of abstract art inspired by Kandinsky’s work. We discussed features of Kandinsky’s abstract artwork such as his use of complementing and contrasting colours, lines and shapes. Children began by drawing their designs, used pen to emphasis their shapes and lines and then painted their work.

Children were very creative and produced some amazing work to be proud of!


The Greatest Artist 


Our first topic this year is the greatest artist. In class we have being studying Wassily Kandinsky learning all about his life and looking at how his art work changed over time. After learning that Kandinsky was particularly interested in the use of colour in his work, we experimented and recreated his Colour Study: Squares with Concentric Circles. Listening to music just like Kandinsky did we produced some fantastic work and discussed our choice of colours in relation to our emotions.