"Bubbles Rise To The Top"


RISE is our preferred teaching model for the teaching of Reading Comprehension and it is something that we have designed ourselves to both suit our own needs and implement a logical teaching sequence. Learning how to read well, and elicit information from a text, requires the development of a specific set of skills. These reading skills are explicitly taught and it is the quality first teaching of these skills that takes precedence over the words that make up the acronym. These skills are taught daily once children become fluent readers:


R - Retrieval - retrieve and record information and identify key details from fiction and non-fiction.


I - Inference - make and justify inferences using evidence from the text.


S - Summarise - summarise the main ideas from more than one paragraph.


E - Explain - predict what might happen using details, stated or implied. Analyse how content is related and contributes to the meaning. Identify author's intent through choice of words and phrases and make comparisons within the text.


Teachers are knowledgeable about these skills, which must be well-modelled and well-taught to our pupils, with the appropriate levels of: engagement, challenge, interaction, reflection and feedback, in line with our teaching and learning policy.