Progression Documents

Content Progression at Burton Road Primary


We have chosen each topic with the end curricular goal in mind- our trip to France in Year 6 and so that our children have acquired a broad range of vocabulary so they have embedded the foundations for further foreign language learning in KS3. Our topics have a real purpose, so the children can use real life transactional language within the classroom or whilst visiting France. Our topics have been sequenced in a way so that key grammatical elements can be revisited and built upon each time and the order of them allows the children to reconnect their prior learning when learning new content. Our scheme is planned so that children are taught by our languages specialist  4 half terms per year.

Phonics Progression MFL at Burton Road Primary


We have devised our phonics progression document using elements of Rachel Hawkes’ accredited phonics scheme and the Read Write Inc phonics scheme (our English phonics programme) to plan the sequencing of the learning for each phoneme. We plan to focus on one new phoneme each lesson, however this will not be limited. The children will not only be using this new phoneme within that lesson as they will be exposed to other sounds within the lesson when acquiring a broad range of vocabulary and learning the key grammatical features. In each year group, we have broken down how they will be learning these sounds. In LKS2, the focus will be on learning the new sounds- both single letters and diagraphs. Then in UKS2, this knowledge will be revised and applied in a range of contexts. Our phonics will be explicitly taught for 5-10 minutes in each lesson.



Year 3 –single letter sounds, vowels and silent letters.

Year 4- Digraphs and alternative sounds.

Year 5 – Recap from 3/4 and listen to singular sounds/words and unfamiliar words so I can write or say them with more accuracy.

Year 6- Recap from 3/4 and listen to short phrase/sentences and unfamiliar words so I can write or say them with more accuracy. Read single unknown words more readily.



Vocabulary Progression MFL at Burton Rod Primary


We have carefully sequenced our topics so that a grammatical element can be embedded and threaded throughout our topics. We have also carefully chosen specific nouns for phonetical and grammatical teaching points so that it can be taught in context. We will be exposing children to other vocabulary whilst teaching our topics, however this is not essential knowledge that we are expecting the children to retain, but to have an understanding of the meaning, for example teacher use of questions and commands. This puts new vocabulary into context and encourages the use of  transactional language for a real purpose.

MFL Progression Document includes progression in:

Knowledge content




Skills Progression Document includes progression in: