Class 6

Welcome to Class 6

In Class 6, we love to learn new things, help each other and try hard. 

Miss Charlesworth and Mrs Procter are our teachers in Class 6. We have Class Dojo as a reward system as well as our Positive Pebbles which we receive for a number of positive reasons such as having a growth mindset and being kind. Once the jar of pebbles is full a whole class reward will be chosen. 


Our PE days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Please ensure your child has their full PE kit for these days and that earrings are removed. Unfortunately children will not be able to participate in PE lessons if they do not have the correct kit and footwear.

One of the facts that we found out about the Queen yesterday is that she’s ‘sat’ for a royal portrait painting for around 130 times in her lifetime.

Today, each table was given a different picture of the Queen from a different point in her life and each person had a section of it to draw. When we put the pictures we’d created together, we were quite impressed with ourselves. 

Royal Tea Party


Today we started off our new topic ‘Then and Now’ with a special afternoon royal tea party. We found out about the royal family and that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are having a baby very soon. 

We made fact files, crowns and cards as well as decorating our own teacup biscuits. We finished off the day like royalty by wearing our crowns and enjoying all the food at the royal tea party. 

Umbrella Investigation

Today we had to investigate which material would be best to use for an umbrella. We’ve been learning about different materials and their properties and decided that a material which is waterproof and not absorbent would be the best.

World Book Day 2019

Our class looked fantastic in their costumes! We had lots of fun completing lots of different activities linking to books. We especially loved the book scavenger hunt where we had to find certain items from different stories. 

Marmalade Sandwiches
Our new literacy topic this term is Paddington Bear as we are keeping with the theme of London from last term. We found somebody's belongings in the classroom on Monday morning and decided that they must have been left by Mr Paddington Bear himself.

We decided to follow some instructions and try out some marmalade sandwiches seen as we knew they are his favourite. Take a look at how we got on in the pictures below.

Class Six’s Visitor

On Monday morning, we arrived at school to find someone had made quite the mess while we had been gone. We found lots of clues including large footprints, scaley skin and burnt paper so we came to the conclusion that it must have been a dragon. We then wrote some fantastic descriptions of what this dragon may have looked like.


In numeracy this week, we have been using our knowledge of dividing by 2 to check whether a number is odd or even. The children know that if a number can be split equally it is even and if it can’t it must be odd.

We finished off with a game where you had to stand up tall for an even number and lay down for an odd number - we had lots of fun.

Class 6 have working extremely hard on their division topic as well as their times tables and the hard work at home on TT Rockstars is definitely helping.

Becoming Newspaper Reporters

In literacy we are preparing to write a newspaper report on the Great Fire of London however we needed to make sure we had all the important facts about what happened to make our reports useful. During Monday's lesson, we researched using books, iPads and witness statements to gather all the key facts we wanted to use in our reports. We really enjoyed becoming junior researchers/reporters.

Our New Topic

This term our topic is all about the Great Fire of London. To introduce the topic we spent the day becoming bakers for King Charles II and baked our very own rolls of bread. We knew that it was a baker named Thomas Farriner that started off the Great Fire in September 1666. We also spent an afternoon searching for missing pieces of Samuel Pepys’ diary that had blown away in the school yard. Pepys wrote a lot of things in his diary which has helped us remember many important historical events. We put the diary entries back together to help us understand all the things that happened during the fire.

Finding Samuel Pepys’ Diary

End of term

We had a fantastic last day of term. The children have worked so hard and made a brilliant start to year 2 so we had to have a little party to celebrate all of this. They should be very proud and enjoy their well deserved rest for Christmas. 

Merry Christmas and a happy new year! 

Where is Father Christmas?

We had a letter from our class elf, Snowflake, today and it appeared she had a bit of a problem. She had lost Father Christmas. We decided to make some posters to help find him and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we manage to find him before Christmas Eve.

See our Santa visit videos here:

Christmas Activities 

We have been enjoying creating lots of different decorations in Class 6 this week. Here we are making Father Christmas's face with paper plates, paint and cotton wool for his beard. 

Christmas Pantomime

We had lots of fun last thursday at the Academy Theatre watching Dick Whittington and his cat. We even enjoyed some ice creams at the interval. Merry Christmas!

Owl Rescue Visit

Today, an Owl Rescue Centre from Huddersfield brought in some exciting birds and gave us lots of information about them. We had lots of fun meeting them.



Orville is a very cute, 6 year old Little Owl.This owl has great camouflage and has bright yellow eyes because it is a daytime owl. 










This owl is a Southern White Faced Owl. It has orange eyes which means it comes out at sunset. He had a moustache to feel for food when it is close by. 


This is an European Eagle Owl and she is 6 years old. Miss Charlesworth got to hold this owl and said it is very heavy. This owl also had orange eyes which means it comes out during sunset. Its feet were too big to catch a mouse so it eats rabbits, pheasants and hares. He could live up to 55 years old.

This is a Tawny Owl which is the most common owl in the UK. This is the only owl to make the well known 'Twit Twoo' noise. We found out these owls come out at night so they are known as nocturnal.



This owl is a Barn Owl. We liked learning about this owl as he is the same Owl as Plop from the story (The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark) we have been reading in class. This owls stay together in couples for their whole lives. Only 1 out of 5 eggs that hatch make it to a year old. Bubbles has a heart shapes ruff and hunts using her sense of hearing. When Bubbles flew over our head we found out that they fly extremely quietly. 


This is Storm the Harris Hawk. They are the wolves of the sky. They hunt in packs and then share their food equally between them. Native American Totem Poles sometimes have Harris Hawks on the top of them because of Harris Hawks who stand on top of each other when hunting for prey.

Bubbles the Barn Owl Flying

Still image for this video

We had so much fun at the Halloween disco. Happy Halloween!

Subordinating Conjunctions

In literacy, we have been learning about subordinating conjunctions. We had to work in groups to choose the best conjunctions to join two ideas together. We now know that we use a subordinating conjunction to add extra information to a main idea. Take a look at the pictures to see our hard work. 

Autumn Walk

This week we talked about Autumn and how we know Autumn is coming. Together we came up with a list of things you may find during Autumn such as orange or brown leaves, squirrels collecting food for hibernation, fungi and migrating birds. We then went outside to see if we could spot any of these signs. We really enjoyed collecting the different items and we also found a lot of ladybirds. 

Our new literacy topic

We began our new literacy topic on James and the Giant Peach today. We found an envelope full of green 'crocodile tongues' that had been left in our classroom along with a giant peach (see picture above). We then read a passage from the story and talked about how the main character, James, felt as well as coming up with some questions we might want to ask him.