Class 6

This week’s science investigation- Do gases have weight?

Year 3 Pedestrian Safety Training 2018

Year 4 Pedestrian Safety Training 2018 
This afternoon we designed an investigation to prove that light travels in straight lines. 
We had an amazing time at York Chocolate Story yesterday. We learnt about how materials  change state and how this helps with the process of making chocolate. We made our own chocolate treats and tasted many along the way too! Here are some of the pictures we took but more to follow! 

Sports Relief 2018! Thank you for your support.

Battle of Hastings

To finish our Viking/Anglo Saxon topic we have studied The Battle of Hastings. We learnt about the events leading up to the battle and written a recount explaining the events of the Battle of Hastings .

Testing Reflective Materials - Science

Fun at the Easter Disco 2018

The Winning Team!

Multi Skills Event at Honeywell 2018

More amazing Vikings homework!

Extra homework completed by Dylan and Scarlett. Well done!

More Viking shields and houses! Amazing work everyone!

Our wonderful Viking shields, boats and houses!

Year 3 and 4 Viking Day


Today we have been producing our calendars using aboriginal art. 
Can all Year 3 children in class 6 please remember to bring an old top/t-shirt for our trip to Barnsley College tomorrow. 
Over the last few weeks we have been investigating what plants need to grow well. Today we monitored the plants for a second week and recorded what we saw. 
Over the next few weeks we will be reading Ghost for Sale by Terry Deary! We read the first two chapters today and the children were really excited about the story. We completed a reading comprehension on the story. Some children even looked for other books by Terry Deary in our library session today. 
Today class 6 have been learning about Buddhism. We have learnt about where Buddhism began and who started the religion. We heard the Story of the Buddha and reordered the story. We then acted out the story. 

Welcome to Class 6 - Mrs Brearley


Welcome to the fabulous class 6! We are always aiming to achieve the best and work together. Have a look here at the brilliant work we have been doing as part of our literacy, numeracy and IPC topics.