Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a computer program that helps teachers manage and monitor the children’s independent reading practice. Each child picks a book at their own level and reads it at their own pace. When finished, the child takes a short quiz on the computer, (Passing the quiz is an indication that a child understands what was read). Accelerated Reader gives children and teachers feedback based on the quiz results, which the teacher then uses to help the child set goals and direct ongoing reading practice.

Children using Accelerated Reader choose their own books to read, rather than having one assigned to them. This makes reading a much more enjoyable experience as they can choose books that are interesting to them but still at the appropriate level.

Accelerated Reader allows the child to choose books at an appropriate readability level that are challenging without being frustrating, ensuring that each child can pass the quiz and experience success whilst developing word knowledge, fluency and comprehension skills.

Children really enjoy taking the quizzes. Since they’re reading books at their reading and interest levels, they are more likely to be successful. This allows all children to learn and grow at their own pace.