Class 10

Welcome to Class 10. In year 5 there are consistently high academic standards and expectations for every individual and we aim to endeavour creative, exciting and memorable experiences inside and outside the classroom. We hope you enjoy being with us on our learning journey. 


Mrs Hatton and Mrs Selwood

Our PE days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure that both indoor and outdoor kits are provided for these days.

Spring term:


This is term we shall be learning about Earth and Space for our science topic, enjoying our Holiday Show topic across geography lessons and literacy and learning all about fractions, decimals and percentages in numeracy. We look forward to showing off our hard work this term!

Autumn term:


This term we shall be learning about Charles Waterton- our chosen ‘Greatest Yorkshireman’, Mining in our locality- where we shall visit the National Coal Mining Museum and Forces in Science-where we shall make our own pulley systems. 



Our achievers this week:

Our achievers this week:

Our achievers this week:

Today - 12th December 2018, marked the 152nd anniversary of the unfortunate Oaks Colliery distaster, where 361 miners tragically lost their lives. It was the biggest mining distaste in British history.


Upper ks2 have had the grand opportunity to be part of the memorial service. We have gone lots of historical topic work around this event and have produced some fantastic work. As a class, we collaborated and made a wreath. The wreath displays oak leaves, a mine shaft wheel, tools and orange background to represent the fire from the explosions.  In addition to this, some of our class have demonstrated this event through poetry. 


We were able to take some of our work to show the public and past miners at the National Union of Miners. Some of us even read out our poetry. 


The rest of of us were able to take a rose and place it on the memorial monument, to show respect to those, who had lost their lives. 


All in all, even though it was a day of sombre and remembering the lost, we have felt privileged to be part of such an important part of Barnsley’s history. 



Our achievers this week...

During topic, some of us have been looking at real accounts of past child miners. We have also been reading some accounts of parents, whose children were also miners. With the information gathered, we have role played a commission from 1842 and put our points across to oppose mining for young children-given the dangers and conditions based on evidence we have read. As well as this, we managed to have a little bit of fun time to dress up at the end!

This week's achievers

Investigating how friction and surface texture can increase and decrease motion in Science today. 

This week's achievers

All hail king... Macbeth wonderfully performed by the Young Shakespeare Company, ready to start our new literacy topic of Macbeth

As the week had led up to the centenary of remembrance, we have been looking at current poems and using poetry features, in order to inspire us to write our own. We are super proud of our poems, that we have created. 

Our remembrance poems...100 years on

Our achievers this week.

Our Oaks colliery disaster talk given by the men, who keep this memory going. Thanks to all our parents, who joined us for this inspirational, educational talk.

This week's achievers!

Happy Halloween

Check us out- we're making Oreo cookie cheesecake! Mmmm yummy! We also made coal coaves to carry them in.

Look at some of our fantastic writing about the Huskar pit disaster. 

Thanks boys for sharing your grandads' Davy lamps and Deputy Stick! Always a pleasure to share things from home.

Our achievers this week

Class 10 have enjoyed their Science this afternoon. They have made different sized parachutes in order to conduct a fair test to help them understand how air resistance can effect speed. The children have carefully chosen the controlled variables, an independent variable as well as the dependent variable, in order to ensure their test was fair.

Thank you Zander for bringing in and sharing your Grandad's old Davy lamp and miners helmet with us.

Our achievers this week...well done everyone!

Thanks William for bringing in your grandad's miners plate and Davy lamp (memorial to remember the opening of Royston Drift')

During topic today, we have been looking at how coal is formed and understanding the uses of coal. 

Well done to Noah and Emily for achieving the Golden Tie and to Kadie for achieving the Special Mention Award

Grace has this week’s Special Mention award.

Dalton is our Lego winner

This week whilst some of our peers have been inFrance, some of Years 5 and 6 have had the opportunity to become young entrepreneurs. 


During the the week we have thought carefully about designing bespoke products that would be made out of Lego. 


In in addition to this, we have also researched the power of advertising and been able to have the opportunity to design our own advertisement posters as well as create an advertisement using the iPad to persuade people to choose our product.


Here are some of our own advertisements. Hope you enjoy them as much as us. 

William, Reece and Noah

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This week's achievements go to: Grace and George with the Golden Tie, Brooke with the special mention, George with the head teacher's award for writing and the Veggie Challenge winners- Rowan, Jake and Gracie.


Keep it up everyone!

Well done to Harvey for achieving the special mention this week.

Our achievements this week go to James with our Special Mention and Chloe and Jake, who have earned the Golden Tie! Well done everyone, keep it up!