Class 2

Welcome to Class 2 - Mrs Roe and Miss Windsor


In our class we have Mrs Roe, Miss Windsor, and Mrs Procter who help us every day to learn new, fun and exciting things. Our topic this term is ‘Brilliant Barnsley’ and we are finding out about a superhero called Big Brave Bill. 

We have been finding out about different coins and notes today. We matched up the coins and notes to the amount written down. 

Children in class 2 have had an amazing time at ‘The Old Classroom’as part of our History topic. We found out about life for Victorian school children from the moment we arrived and soon realised that the day was not going to be fair for the girls!


Miss Sharp explained to us about life in general, then clothes and then told us about life in the classroom. 


We acted out a typical lessons from a Victorian classroom. We tired out different lessons, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and sewing, and got disrupted by some children who were not doing the right thing!

After the lessons we were allowed to play outside. We had great fun trying tried out different games and activities. Then it was time for prayers and lunch. 

In the afternoon we tried out other activities: washing and cleaning, handwriting and having fun with different toys and role play. 

Did you know that many of the saying she wstill use today are from Victorian events?


‘A stitch in time saves nine.’

‘A women’s work is never done.’

‘Hands tied’ (From when children had their hands put in the fidget stocks

‘Get slated’ (when children had the board rubber thrown at them)

‘No labour, no bread’

‘Children should be seen and not heard’

‘Basket case’(when children were raised up in to a basket in the classroom as a punishment)

‘Cloth ears’

‘Tommy opposite’

‘Wipe the slate clean’

Welcome to our Victorian classroom!

Children in class 2 were greeted with a Victorian classroom this morning. They sat doing their handwriting sheets and throughout the day we role played different situations that may have arisen in a typical Victorian classroom. 



To start off our history part of ‘Brilliant Barnsley’ we are looking at Victorians. We watched video clips recreating what it was like in a Victorian classroom. We found out that they wrote using slate and chalk so we decided to use our equivalent, a whiteboard and pen, to make notes. 

Celery experiment 


We continued our Science work with an experiment using celery to check our theory about coloured water travelling up the roots. 

PE balance challenge


Our story in PE told us about pirates and what they could do. We practised balancing on one leg and did so well that we had a ‘balance off’ to see who was the best on each table and the final!

We have continued our Science work this week by carrying out an experiment to find out the purpose of roots in plants and trees. We put a white carnation in a pot of water with red food colouring to see if the dye travelled up towards the petals. 

We checked on the progress and filled in our picture diary. Can you see the pink tinges on the base of the buds and flower head?

Our new talk for writing topic is about a unicorn and we have practised saying the sentence she with actions. We are going to work towards writing our own description of a unicorn. 


Still image for this video

Today we had a visit from the Road Safety Team to teach us about how to cross the road safely. We talked about ‘Street Feet’ and what we should and shouldn’t do near the road. 

We all need to ‘Think, Stop, Look and Listen.’

This weeks ‘Talk for writing’ is about a superhero. We had lots of ideas of what the picture could be but it was revealed that it was a superhero. We thought of actions to try and remember the description. 


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A special visitor arrived in school today and left behind some of his belongings. We found out that they belonged to a special superhero called Big Brave Bill from Barnsley. He left a copy of the Barnsley Chronicle, a cape, a mask, a mug and a packet of Yorkshire tea. He enjoyed Yorkshire Tea so much that we tried a good old cup of tea and a cup of tea cannot be had without a biscuit to dunk!!!
We have painted a picture of Big Brave Bill using watercolour paints. 
Easter disco



We have continued with out comparison in maths today by using the words ‘taller’ and ‘shorter.’ We even started using ‘tallest’ and ‘shortest’ to compare our heights. 



We have had a busy day in class 2 using all of our materials knowledge. We had a think about which material would be the best for making a boat. We thought back to when we started our ‘Explorers’ topic and we made paper boats. We discussed that this was not the best idea and we could think of an alternative material.

Our boat needed to be waterproof and be light enough to float across our ocean. 


Look at at our designs. We used wood, plastic, foil and dough. Which do you think made it across?



Comparison of lengths 


 Children in class 2 have been looking at sticks of different lengths and matching up labels. We have used the vocabulary ‘longer’ ‘shorter’ ‘longest’ and ‘shortest.’



Super Science!


Today we carried out an experiment to find out which material would be the best for a waterproof coat for Winnie the Pooh. We predicted whether tissue paper, kitchen roll, fabric, cardboard or plastic was best for the coat and tested them. 



To start off our new Talk for Writing topic we looked at new picture and thought about what it could be. We had lots of differnet ideas but today it was revealed that it was a rocket! 


We put actions to the sentences so that we can remember them. 



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We have been outside to see what objects we can see and what they are made out of as part of our Materials topic. 



Classes 2 and 3 have been working hard to create delicious treats for the people we love. We hope you enjoy the finished results!

Chocolate truffles

Safer Internet Day 2018


Children have been thinking about how to keep safe on the internet and what to do if they see something that upsets them. 

We have been working on giving each other a complement which is better than upsetting someone. 

‘Danger’ discussion and emoji scenarios

Class 2 have been thinking about what activities they could do in different times and completed a treasure hunt to find matching times. 



Exciting Explorers!


Classes 2, 3 and 4 are looking forward to the start of a new year with our Explorers topic. We will even be welcoming a surprise visitor to make a memorable start to the learning.

Christopher Columbus came into school today to tell us all about his expeditions and discoveries.
We got the chance to taste some of the delicious fruits that Christopher Columbus brought back from his voyages. We discussed the smell, look, feel and taste of pineapples, papaya, avocado and tomatoes.

Classes 2, 3 and 4 have impressed parents this morning with their performance of 'A Midwife Crisis.' Well done to all involved. 

We had special visitor into class 2 today, a consultant at Barnsley hospital.


We thought about questions to ask him:


Why do you wear a mask on your mouth? Holly and Charli

To stop germs spreading.


Do you have to wear a hat? Billy and Lily-Rose



Why do have to have white sheets? Phoebe and Neve

White sheets look nice and clean.


What is your job title? Amelia and Millie

A consultant.


Do you wear an apron? Why? Jenson and Olivia

Yes so that I do not get my clothes dirty.


Why do you have something round your neck? Isobel and Elliot

Check heartbeat and breathing.


How do you make people better? Ashton and Oakley

Look after them and give them medicine.


Why did you want to be a nurse? Miles and Maddison

My mum was a nurse and my dad was a doctor so I wanted to be like him.


Do you look after people good? Ava and Bella-Rose

Try my best.


How do they get to the toilet if they are poorly? Owen U

Pot behind the curtain or help them to walk to the toilet.


Why do you have scissors in your pocket? Emily and Pippa

In case we need to cut clothes off quickly if someone is very poorly or cut bandages.


How do you check temperature? Lily-Jai and Owen R

Machine into ear drum and press a button.


What sort of shoes do you wear? Chloe and George

Comfortable and no hole (like crocs).


Why do you wear blue clothes? Henlie and Jaiden

I wear green clothes. Doctors wear green and nurses wear blue. students wear light blue.


Why do you use a needle? Noah

Give medicine.


How many people do you help?

250 a day (70 children)


How do you become a doctor?

University at 18 for 6 years.


What is it like being a doctor?

Mostly lovely but hard work and long hours.

In numeracy this week we have started a new topic about shapes. The children discussed what they already knew and we went on a shape hunt!



We have been thinking about our 'Healthy Eating' topic and designed healthy lunch boxes based on what we have learnt.


We have also found out about what life is like in the Pennines and our local area, comparing the physical and human features.