Late/Absence Procedures

Late Arrivals


Should your child arrive late for registration, you will need report to the School Reception and sign your child in on our electronic signing in system, and also order a school meal if arriving before 10 am, if required.  If your child arrives after 10 am they will require a packed lunch from home, unless you have pre-ordered at home before 8 am.   We do monitor late marks, and if lateness persists, then this could result in parents being invited to attend a meeting with the Headteacher or the Education Welfare Officer.


Absence Procedures


Should your child be absent from School, please contact the School Office by 9.30am. This can be reported by telephone, 01226 288679 and option 1, this will enable you to leave a message on our absent line, or you may wish to use the School Gateway to report your child absent.


If your child has had a medical appointment please provide a copy of the appointment card/letter to the School Office.