Pupils with SEND

Consideration for SEND:


As stated in our rationale and at the heart of our P.E policy, the PE Curriculum at Burton Road is designed to ensure activity, progression and engagement for all pupils, regardless of background, need or previous knowledge, to enable them to progress and achieve success. Teachers understand that many our our SEND pupils thrive in P.E, whilst other pupils require tasks to be adapted to ensure tasks are appropriately challenging to ensure knowledge acquisition. 


The Get Scheme was selected for its' high quality resources to help teachers effectively model and adapt tasks, and staff training for 2022-2023 has focused on how tasks can be adapted (progressed or regressed) using the S.T.E.P approach.


We understand that knowledge is power and the Burton Road SEND Crib Sheet informs staff of individual strengths in PE and possible adaptions or considerations which may need to be taken into account to meet the needs of our pupils.


The Teaching and Learning policy for Burton Road ensures teachers continually adapt tasks that are appropriately matched and adapted (progression and regression) to challenge all learners. Where possible and in best practise, this will be an adaption to the main activity. Only when appropriate will a fully adapted task be used. See the adapted Teaching and learning Policy for the teaching of PE.


Assessment is key– early identification of children requiring intervention is crucial to support their physical development and staff understand that this must be communicated to the SENDCO and P.E Co-Ordinator.