Class 10



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This is the home of learning in class 10.

Remember, we're a team and we are ready to rock year 6!


Jai Ho! 

Dance goes to Bollywood and the children loved it!

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Enterprise Entrepreneurs! 

Back at it and in action! This year’s enterprise project is the task to design a sensory room to help support pupils. The children had to present their designs to the judging panel to win a chance to attend the grand final event. This amazing task pushed the children to develop skills for life- creativity, communication and confidence! 

Black History Month


This week we will ‘salute our sisters’ and research some significant black women who are leading change, both historically and today. Class 10 are focusing upon Kanya King and her impact upon the music industry. 

The Power of a Picture!

Not only are our art skills progressing as we move onto observational drawing of hands, we also love how calm our Friday lessons are and many of the pupils enjoy art as a way to relax. 

A Friday ‘yay’!


We are loving our ‘I wish my teacher knew’ box, beautifully created by a group of pupils, who have even made a treat box for any pupils who use it! 🥰 We share any worries but also things we are proud of throughout the week. Great work recognising where we, and others around us, have been respectful, responsible and resilient. 

Spelling Stars!


Using Edshed has really helped class 11 improve their spelling g scores and has helped the children to practice the letter patterns in and out of school. Who can be this week’s queen bee? 

Advice from the Experts! 


In PSHE, our radio program agony aunts and uncles gave sone fantastic advice on how to tackle some challenging friendship issues. The children showed real maturity and gave sone solutions that could help them to move on in their friendships but always be kind. 

Investigating Inheritance! 

We really enjoyed today’s science lesson studying if our characteristics are inherited or due to our environment, but especially looking at the inheritance when cross breeding dogs! 

Sketching Skills on Show! 

Our use of shading techniques and tone is coming on a treat in our current topic on observational drawing of the human form. Now it’s gets tricky- hands are our next subject! X

Doorstep Detectives

Whilst some children have explored the history of France, We have visited the site of an 11th century monastery close to school to learn more about the historical sites that are close to us. We learned about its chronology, missing the Viking raids of our current topic, but suffering under the reign of Henry vIII, which we will learn more about in our next topic!  We explored the buildings footprint and found evidence of how the monks lived, and were amazed to find their drainage system! 

Historical Enquiry 


Why did the Vikings target England? Exploring the history of migration to England and using a range of sources to answer our enquiry question. 

Future Leaders


we were so proud of all the pupils who put themselves forward to be the councillor for class 10. Each pupil spoke with maturity and confidence and were all fantastic examples of our golden values. 

The Votes Are In! 
Class 10 have voted for their first class novel, based on a brief description and without judging a book by its cover! These pupils were the lucky winners and ‘The Thousand Year Old Boy’ by Ross Welford is book number one! We’re loving the dramatic opening and different perspectives- how will the different characters intertwine? 

The Burton Road Way!

In PSHE, we’ve explored our school values, discussing what respect, responsibility and resilience look like in school and when we’ve displayed these qualities. We’re proud to wear our badge and proud to act the Burton Road way. 

Welcome back!


We have some exciting learning opportunities waiting to welcome you back and to settle us all into our new routines. We work super hard on our core subjects, growing our knowledge and developing our skills, so get ready for learning that will make your head hurt (in a good way!). We also want to challenge you in year six in different ways, with enterprise events, team building tasks, creative arts and drama productions, competitive sports, time to talk and much more, so our class will soon be buzzing with life, just as it should be! 


Myself and Mrs Atkinson can't wait to get to know you all properly and find out all about what makes you special - we love to hear about the exciting things you do out of school, as well as in! So let's smash year 6, together every step of the way! Our moto is, 'never take a worry home,' and we are always here to help, listen and want to hear all your exciting news in and out of school. 


 Mrs Conway and  Mrs Atkinson x

The BIG Reveal!

Mr Gaunt, (our caretaker) has been hard at work over the holidays and Class 10 has had a well-deserved makeover (shame I didn't get one too!). We've been working super hard over the holidays but this is what our room looked like before we started! Yikes! Don't worry - I promise it's looking great for you all to arrive but you'll have to wait and see! Oooooh - exciting!


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After a lot of hard work and a good tidy, our learning space is ready to rock! 

Dream Big, Class 10!


As part of our transition day, class 10 have started to think about our goals for the future. Take a look at our  possible career paths - we're going to make a massive impact on the world! The future is in your hands, class 10! 

Team Work Makes the Dream Work!


Another transition activity where we had to solve the clues to identify the new members of class 10! We had to work together and think outside of the box to work out who was who! A great activity where we got to know each other but importantly, how to work as a team.