Class 9



Welcome to Class 9!


In Class 9 we aim to ensure our class is a warm, friendly and inviting classroom where pupils are able to challenge themselves, believe in themselves and most importantly, enjoy all of their learning. 


In Class 9 we focus on being:

- Friendly

- Respectful

- Resilient 

- Determined


- Inclusive. 


In following these classroom expectations, as well as our schools golden values, in being resilience, respect and responsible, we hope pupils can engage in a rich curriculum which helps them to expand their own knowledge whilst enjoying learning. 



Literacy/Class Read


Our focus in Literacy has been upon Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Whilst reading this book, we have linked this to our Literacy in which has enabled us to create a descriptive piece of writing which focuses upon writing about Harry's first visit to Diagon Alley. Within this learning we explored writing about the surroundings Harry faced when he first stepped down Diagon Alley, as well as, describing his thoughts and feelings during his visit. Our description also included specific descriptions in describing Harry's first steps into the famous Gringotts Bank and also his first visit to meet Mr Ollivander in the wand shop. 




In our science topic we have been learning all about Evolution and Inheritance. In class we have focused upon what characteristics we have inherited from our parents. As well as, looking at similarities and differences between each other and looking at different characteristics we inherit which can then form variation between siblings. 


We have also focused our learning upon Charles Darwin. We have gained an insight as to why Charles Darwin was famous and what was significant about his findings.  




Viking Invasions!


Within our History lessons we have focused our learning upon the Vikings. We have learnt about who the Vikings were, Viking invasions, looked at Anglo Saxons views towards the Vikings and concluded our own view towards who the Vikings were.



Art in Action!


Art has consisted of pupils focusing on using basic shapes to form our sketches. We have looked into using various shapes such as squares, ovals, rectangles and triangle all in order to shade and sketch our images. Within this, we have also looked at a variation of tone and how we can build this into our sketches.